For those of us who make our way in the fast-paced, tech-centric business climate of today, it can be hard to turn away from our myriad devices and towards the things we should be focused on during the holidays, like spending time with our families and friends or relieving stress build-up.

Sure, you make plans to grill with some close compatriots, or head to the lake with mom & pop, but are you really there? More likely than not, if you have your cell-phone or other connected device with you, the answer is no. When, at any moment, an email can pull you pack to work, or the latest AP News update about some inconsequential event can tear you away from that story your daughter was telling you, you are not truly present.

That is why, this Labor Day, we at Solamar encourage you to turn off your phones, tablets, wi-fi enabled dune buggies, or whatever else it is that you have rigged to feed your need for connection. Go outside and take a deep breath. Give someone you love a hug, and spend the afternoon telling stories. Eat good food until you pass out and don’t feel guilty about it.

Its ok, the internet won’t disappear while you’re gone. We promise.