The Top Reasons Your Website Isn’t Attracting Customers

peopleNo matter how much time you spend planning and preparing to grow your business online, if your website is driving people away, it will all be for naught. Your time spent blogging, massaging your social media connections and crafting intricate marketing plans will be in vain if those precious visitors move on the moment your page loads. Here are a number of factors that might be affecting your websites ability to retain the interest of your customers.

You’re Not Even On The Map

If your analytics show that you just aren’t receiving many visitors to begin with, it’s likely that they can’t find you. The major culprit in this case is a lack of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Good SEO makes it so that your site is more easily found and ranked by search engines. Search engines use hundreds of criteria to rank the websites they discover, and are constantly updating those criteria, so it is important to not only use SEO, but to keep it refreshed every so often. You can start by using appropriate keywords, linking out to relevant content as well as content within your own site and making sure your site is generating a site-map so your site is more easily crawled.

Another factor that may be keeping folks away from your site altogether is a lack of mobile responsiveness. A greater share of internet users are accessing the web via mobile devices such as tablets and phones every day, and if your website doesn’t display well on those devices, than they may be treated as essentially “broken”, whether they look good on a desktop or not. Open your site on as many different types of devices and browsers as you can, to make sure that it’s functioning at it’s best no matter where it’s accessed.

Hello? Anybody Home?

If, when you walk into a store, the shelves are covered in a thick layer of dust and you have to shout for minutes before anyone comes to help you, you are much more likely to shop somewhere else. The same is true for a website. If your site has a blog, then you need to be updating it with regular content or it will be more harmful to your site’s prospects than not having a blog at all. This extends to other content as well. Old events should be removed, news feeds updated and copyright dates made current.

Me, Me, Me

I know you’re awesome. You know you’re awesome. Your website doesn’t need to be all about how awesome you are. There’s no harm in bragging a bit on your About page, but make sure that your site is more heavily invested in promoting your brand than your person. Focus on the visitor and tailor your copy to answer their questions rather than “sell” them the entire time.

I’m Here, Now What Do I Do?

Another major issue I see with many small business sites is a clear lack of a call to action. If visitors are arriving at your page and not converting to customers, than this is likely your problem. Even if your product is excellent and your messaging is solid, if people don’t see a clear “next step” on your homepage, than many of them will just move on, rather than take any time to dig further into your site to find what they want. Provide them with a prominently placed opt-in form or path to an online store, and you will find them much more likely to purchase or sign up.

Converting visitors to customers is a delicate and often baffling art, but if you cover these four bases, you’ll most likely see a rise in your positive results. Of course, if you need any help, contact us here at Solamar Agency, we’d be more than happy to help!

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