Does Your Small Business Need an Online Video?

color-barsThe answer to the title questions is a resounding, “YES!”

In the 21st century, no business gets and keeps customers without tapping into video. Whether it’s on YouTube or Vimeo or embedded on your Website, video has become ubiquitous and an integral part of consumer research and Web surfing. Video not only increases branding, it also will increase the likelihood of a consumer purchase.

According to Donna Fuscaldo of FOXBusiness, this is why small businesses have to follow their larger corporate brethren and embrace this medium. “Done right, video can put potential customers at ease and, at the same time, create a huge and loyal following without having a huge budget to spend on advertising and marketing…and the pay back to the business is immeasurable in terms of reaching thousands if not hundreds of thousands of potential customers.”

One of IBM’s top 6 effective marketing tips for small business for 2014 and beyond is to “Post Video.” Its research points out that, “…90 percent of online traffic goes to video content, and YouTube accounts for 28 percent of all Google searches—with more than 1 billion unique users visiting YouTube each month. People—89 million of them—watch a whopping 1.2 billion online videos in the U.S. every day.”

You bet it’s important for one of those videos to be for your company and your products or services!

Video comes in many flavors for many tastes

There are informational videos, tutorial clips, in-use footage, corporate messaging videos, testimonials, and even tongue-in-cheek ones. While they all serve a different purpose, they share one common denominator: the content is short and compelling. As we said in our post late last year, “Online video has the power to reel in business in 60 seconds. When done right, a short video can be a convincing, engaging and powerful marketing tool.”

Whether it’s a minute-long video or a bite-sized video, you need to tell a story…while walking the fine line between promoting a brand and pushing too much. Solamar’s Founder and CEO, Chelsea Berler, adds, “Keep it simple, you don’t have time for elaborate concepts. Be creative, be funny, make content whose primary purpose is to engage people’s interest.”

That’s why it’s critical to know your audience and be compelling and honest with them.

How video works like the ultimate “AD-phrodisiac”

Okay. So, you’ve got the pixel-perfect website. Navigating around the site is a breeze, the expert graphics are pure joy, and the artfully crafted copy tells a wonderful story. Prospects are visiting your site in droves. So why aren’t all those visitors buying stuff from you?

Your problem might just be that your site is missing video, the one device that turns them on and gets them to act. Video works just like a new form of marketing I call the ultimate “AD-phrodisiac.”

I may have coined my own made-up word, but the results from video are very real, indeed. Figures from comScore, a Web tracking-and-measurement firm, show that people who view a video online are 64 percent more likely to complete a purchase than other visitors. Add to that the value of Web video in terms of sheer exposure, and video can turn your business into a major winner.

Why online video is the future of content marketing

By 2017, video will account for 69% of all consumer internet traffic, according to Cisco. Video-on-demand traffic alone will have almost tripled.

Why is there such rapid growth? The Guardian’s Small Business Network says, “With online video quickly becoming a key means for people to satisfy their information and entertainment needs, small businesses that fail to include it in their Internet marketing strategies will do so at their peril.”

When it comes to potential reach, video has no equal. It’s essential for generating leads and sales online because video:

  • Grabs attention! People won’t read everything written on a web page, but they’ll likely click on a video.
  • Really communicates! It’s the next best thing to talking one-on-one to your prospects…allowing you to convey emotion, personality, and make a individual connection.
  • Allows people to see and hear! Using video lets you hit multiple modalities, so that 100% of your audience really sees and hears what you’re saying, regardless of their learning style.
  • Delivers the instant expert factor! It immediately sets you apart from the competition and elevates you to expert status. By talking about your field in online videos, you are positioning yourself as an authority.
  • Majorly boosts leveraged SEO! According to a study by Forrester Research, it is 50 times easier to get a video to rank on the first page of Google than it is to get a standard web page to rank on page one.

The simple truth for small business online success is that video is essential. No matter how you use it—to build your credibility, give a deeper look into your organization, attract buyers and generate leads, tell a story, add a little humor—be sure to grab people’s attention, feature a value proposition, and include a call to action.

Want an online video that conveys who you are, is original, targets your audience, and has the appropriate upbeat music to support the content? Talk to us…we’re ready to get you moving!