6 Ways to Use YouTube to Bolster Your Local SEO

youtubeOne of the most interesting ways to help reinforce your local search optimization is also one that is easy to overlook—YouTube. While most people think of Google Places as the goto destination for local SEO, the power of video to perform well in search rankings, and the relatively small number of businesses who create custom video content to promote themselves, makes YouTube one of the best destinations for those looking to boost their position in local rankings.

Tag it Up!

If your video hasn’t already been “geotagged”, meaning you’ve added a location to it’s meta-data, than it’s important to do so. Google isn’t doing as many cool things with the data as they used to (showing videos in google maps, for one), but that doesn’t mean they’re not using the data in search rankings. You can add location data to your video in the Video Manager under Advanced Settings.

Link it Up!

At the very beginning of your video’s description, add a link to your business’ website. While YouTube adds the “nofollow” parameter to these links, it seems to still have some weight in local search ranking. It also can’t hurt to generate extra traffic to your site from YouTube viewers!

NAP it Up!

Now it’s time to stick your business name, address and phone number (NAP) everywhere you can think to cram it. First, add it in the video itself (usually near the end). If possible, speak the info in the video as well, since Google has automatic transcription bots that convert audio dialogue into text. Finally, add your NAP to the video description as well, usually after the description of the video content.

Tag it Up (Part II)!

In the video’s keyword tags, add your business type and location. Now add a few other relevant keywords. ‘Nuff said.

Place it Up!

You can associate up to five videos with your Google Places listing, so pick your best and add them under the Videos setting. You can also add your video to your Google+ Local page. Once you do make sure that you (and your employees, friends, random acquaintences) share the dickens out of it. Google equates these shares to popularity and adjusts rank accordingly. You’ll also want to embed the video on your website, since Google treats embeds in much the same way it treats shares when it comes to ranking.

A Final Note

All of these tips have been about technical ways you can use your video to increase your local SEO, but one thing I haven’t mentioned is that the quality of the video goes a long way to increasing the return you see from your local YouTube SEO efforts. Don’t just throw up any old janky footage. Make something professional, that highlights your company in a positive light without being to pushy or too much like an advertisement. Expose company culture. Announce cool initiatives. Make an effort, and you will see it returned to you in the form of better SEO rankings. Want some extra help boosting your business’ local SEO? Contact the SEO wizards at Solamar!

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