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infusionsoftScientists say we only use 10% of our brain power. Infusionsoft is a BIG program, a very powerful tool. You spend a lot of money on it each month. But what percentage of Infusionsoft’s power are you actually using? What are some things you can do maximize your investment? This is, by no means, a comprehensive list. But these tips can help you make your Infusionsoft application work harder for you. (And if you really want to learn more, get our full Infusionsoft tip sheet for details.)

Use Your Tags

“Tags” are the basis of everything in Infusionsoft. If you don’t know what a tag is, it’s like a “list” in most other email marketing programs. Get familiar with Infusionsoft tags. But you might not find the default categories and tags to your liking. You should customize tags and tag categories to your heart’s content.

Put Infusionsoft Analytics on your website

Infusionsoft analytics have been around for about a year or so. You probably already use Google Analytics to get information about your web site visitors and the actions they take on your site. Infusionsoft Analytics can give you a greater slice of that information.

Use the Campaign Builder

This is really critical. Campaign Builder rolled out in the spring 2012 release of Infusionsoft (or thereabouts). If you’re still using “legacy” web forms, action sets, campaigns or any other “legacy” features, be aware that those are now considered deprecated, and will eventually not be supported in future releases of Infusionsoft.

All campaigns, actions and sequences should be created in the Campaign Builder. The Campaign Builder is a visual campaign builder tool (think Microsoft Visio) where you lay out your campaign—your web forms, product purchases, follow up sequences, etc.—in a visual builder.

Clean your contacts regularly

Obviously, you don’t want to be sending spam to your clients or customer. But many of us have very old or “disengaged” contacts in our Infusionsoft system.  It’s easy to run the reports to identify the contacts that are aging out and need to be cleaned from your contacts list. It’s better to have a smaller list of highly-engaged clients and customers, than a giant list full of bounced emails and people who never open your emails.

Create custom fields to use in your forms

We all know the basic questions built into Infusionsoft that you can collect in forms—name, email, address, phone, etc. But what if you want to collect other information? Like, “Do you have minor children?” or “What is the biggest challenge you face in your practice?” With custom fields, you can create any questions you want, and then add them to your forms.

Turn off (or on) forced double opt-in

“Double opt-in” means that if someone signs up on your form (like for a free report, or for your ezine), they’ll first get an email asking them to confirm their email address. ONLY if they do that will they get any content from you—EVER. It’s up to each person whether you want to use double-opt in or turn it off. Infusionsoft comes with it turned on by default.

Integrate webinars with Infusionsoft

If you do webinars, wouldn’t it be nice to run all your signups through Infusionsoft, so that everyone would be tagged appropriately and you wouldn’t have to manually create contacts for all the signups and attendees? And then you could send emails to those folks based on whether they attended or didn’t attend?

Create HTML and Text-Only versions of your emails

When you create an email or email template in Infusionsoft, you have the ability to create an HTML and/or a text-only version. It’s really important that you do both.

Use the drag & drop builder

A lot of people are not aware that Infusionsoft now boasts a really excellent drag & drop email builder. You can customize everything from the width of the email to the colors to the font size to the header image, and everything in between.

Personalize your emails. It’s Easy!

FIRSTNAME, You can definitely overdo this and make it really cheesy, FIRSTNAME. But I’m telling you, FIRSTNAME, that people really enjoy seeing their name in your email. Wouldn’t you agree, FIRSTNAME? You know, FIRSTNAME, I can tell we’re on the same page here.

In closing…

The most important thing you can do is use Infusionsoft for what it’s intended to do—and let it do that. If you’re just using Infusionsoft to send out your email newsletter once a month, then I hate to say this, but you might as well get a free Mailchimp account and stop wasting your money. Infusionsoft can do SO MUCH MORE than that—let it!

If you don’t know what that means or where to start, maybe you should invest in a few hours of Infusionsoft customized training from our in-house experts at Solamar. We can walk you through your own application and tell you where everything is and what it does. We’ll look at your specific questions and teach you how to find the information you need to make Infusionsoft work harder for you. Infusionsoft is all about personalization, so it doesn’t work the same “out of the box” for everybody. Drop us a lineto see how we can help you!

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