How to Manage Your Facebook Business Page Effectively

facebook-76531_640Some of the commotion about changes to Facebook’s algorithm and the resulting dip in engagement is starting to settle down. Savvy marketers have come to grips with the fact that Facebook is no longer the free platform it once was; and rather than abandon ship, they are paying to play and stepping up their game.

Now, more than ever, managing your Facebook business page effectively requires careful attention and zeal. Getting the fundamentals of managing your page on track will allow you to jazz up your engagement and enjoy a greater return on your efforts.

One of the most important, but often-overlooked, fundamentals of managing your Facebook business page effectively is to make sure the page is set up correctly and completely.  Fill out all of the basic information — select an appropriate category; add a compelling overview and description; enter your contact information and website URL; include your physical address; and post your product offers.  Souping up the basic info will position your page to be found on Facebook more readily, and you will benefit from taking full advantage of this space to make a strong impression.

Another critical step in effectively managing your Facebook business page is to designate page roles and permissions. You have to determine who, among your team and fans, will be able to serve as an admin, edit, moderate, create ads, analyze data, post, tag, and engage. Only assign page roles to people you trust, because what they post will speak for your brand.  Carefully consider how you will allow the public to interact with your page, because you do not want spam or inappropriate content associated with your brand, even if you are not the source.

While you always want to encourage active and open engagement, moderating proactively and limiting permissions can help to protect your brand’s reputation and intercept unnecessary problems. For example, you can choose not to let others post on your timeline or not to let posts show up until you approve them. You also have the option of setting a profanity filter (to catch f-bombs) or blocking certain words from your page.

Now that you’ve confirmed some of the fundamental components of your page are primed and ready, let’s go over some tips for effective day-to-day management of your Facebook business page:

1. Post with a purpose

Managing your page should be driven by your purpose, and you should always keep your goals in mind as you share content with your peeps. With each post, are you aiming to show your expertise, grow your community, drive traffic back to your site, build your email list, stay ‘top of mind,’ or provide customer service?

It’s not enough to curate interesting information, ask thought-provoking questions, or share inspiring quotes. Always post with a well-considered intention. Get into the practice of asking yourself, “why are we posting this?” and watch the management of your page improve.

2. Stay on course

One of the keys to effectively managing your Facebook business page is to create a well-structured plan — stick to your course and simply adjust your sails with the wind. Without a plan, you may find yourself posting inconsistently, constantly scrambling for content, sharing stuff that isn’t aligned with your brand or purpose, and simply stressing yourself out. As you develop your marketing calendar, incorporate Facebook into the mix. What type of content are you going to post? When? Who is going to create or gather the content? Who is going to post it? Answer these questions to map out your course, and steer away from uncertainty. When Facebook makes changes to their algorithm or processes, you can hold strong and ride the waves.

3. Monitor, moderate, and engage

When managing a Facebook business page, be sure to set the notifications to let you know when someone comments on a post. Though you can’t watch notifications 24/7, it’s vital to pay attention to the conversations on your page, always reply as quickly as possible, aim to keep engagement lively, handle complaints professionally, and block trolls or troublemakers. It’s your responsibility to keep the conversation going in your favor.

4. Use available tools

While the best social media posting and engagement often occurs in real time, there are also helpful tools available to assist you in scheduling and automating some of your posts. HootSuite is one popular tool you might want to consider, especially if you manage more than one page. Facebook allows you to schedule posts in advance to appear on your page at a later date or time. Use the Facebook Pages Manager app to manage your page on-the-go, with an iPhone, iPad, or Android device.

I would caution you not to rely too heavily on automated and pre-scheduled posts; and if you choose to take this route, consistently check to make sure tools are working as they should. And always be prepared to jump in to catch potentially insensitive posts when events such as natural disasters or tragic news stories take over timelines.

5. Watch insights

Facebook Insights is one of the most useful features of your Facebook business page. When managing a page, keep a watchful eye on Insights to monitor what is working and what isn’t, to gather information and better understand the people who like and engage with your page, and ultimately, to make informed decisions and adjustments to the way you are managing your page. What better way to learn more about your customers, prospects, and online community! Watching Insights will help you know what to keep doing, what you can do better, and what directions to take with your Facebook marketing.

Overall, managing a Facebook business page well takes planning, time, dedication, attention to detail, and an open mind.

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