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podcastSolamar is now offering Podcast launch support and engineering. We are excited to help with your podcasting venture.  We can take you from start to finish with your podcasting launch, or help in with any areas that you need assistance with. There are three parts to our process; discovery, marketing strategy and tactics implementation, and audio/logistical implementation.


We’ll ask some pertinent questions that will help the team develop the necessary marketing strategy and logistical implementation. This will consist of a survey that you complete with some detailed questions about what you’d like to do.


We’ll conduct a strategy session with one of our marketing experts to discuss the information you filled out in the discovery process and to formulate an overall marketing strategy and tactics plan for your podcast launch.

Logistical Implementation

This part can be as simple as taking already completed podcasts and posting them per your needs or get as complex as graphics development, audio engineering and marketing platform display. The range of time we can spend on this section would be 2 – 4 hours of podcast platform set up, 3 – 5 hours of podcast audio engineering per episode, and 15 – 30 minutes for actual podcast posting. There may be other factors that add time to these estimates that can’t be foretold until we have the full marketing tactics plan in place.

On the nuts and bolts side of things we can support you through the following:

  • Make recommendations for the hosting of your podcasts at Blubrry or Libsyn; and offer the pros and cons of each.
  • Guide you through the actual nuts and bolts of podcast recording. You’ll learn from a guided hour long conference call with our skilled audio engineer.
  • We can then help set up the podcast channel and submission to iTunes or any other media outlet you desire.
  • Add a display layer on your marketing platform, and see to it that each post is completed per your marketing strategy.
  • Finally, if you need the added assistance, we have an experienced audio engineer that can output your raw podcast recording into a polished podcast with intros and outros that will be developed with you.

Podcasting does not need to be difficult. Need help getting your podcast live? Send us a shout!

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