Promoting Your Blog: 9 Easy Ways to Spread the Word Fast

cms-265125_640I want to start with an important piece of advice for anyone who blogs. The old saying “build it and they will come” doesn’t work on the Web, where your blog is competing with hundreds of millions of blogs and websites and over 2 billion Internet users who don’t know (or care) you exist.

Don’t believe me? Look at these eye-opening stats from “Death to Bullshit“: In the next 24 hours, 4,000,000,000 things will be shared on Facebook, 499,860 posts will be published on WordPress, 103,680 hours of video will be uploaded to YouTube and 144,800,000,000 e-mails will be sent.

But those numbers will not significantly hurt you, if you know how to promote. There are scores of ways  to build traffic, but they take a little work on your part. Pick the ones that work best for you and start promoting…and they will come. Especially if you promote the right message to the right people—potential followers, advocates and buyers in your target audience.

Amplify your message to make it load and clear

According to a post by Joel Lettke, you need an effective amplification strategy. Instead of just creating great content, he’d like us all to start telling ourselves to, “Create—and promote—great content.” Otherwise, your great pieces will float in the massive Web of the undiscovered when you don’t have an amplification strategy to promote your content.

The method of content amplification (or your promotion strategy) is based on the action(s) you want people to take after the content is shared—whether that’s leads, sales, a growth in your community, or awareness of your brand. (Keep in mind: Traffic numbers alone don’t count toward measuring an effective promotional strategy…you can’t deposit “traffic”  at the bank or add it to your bottom line.)

9 simple ways to promote your message

  1. Post super blog content—The most obvious way to promote your messaging is to consistently hone your marketing superpower, with the most interesting, more shareable content. People will tell each other and look forward to your stellar content.
  2. Share on social media accounts—Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Linkedin, email, and the like are the obvious places to start. So be sure to check out our recent post on sharing.
  3. Keep search engines in mind—Take advantage of Blogger’s Search Preferences features to make sure it easy for those seeking your content to find it.
  4. Put your blog URL in your email signature—Think of how many forwarded emails you’ve seen in your day, and just imagine the promotional possibilities.
  5. Tap into your advocates and allies—There’s no shame in sharing one another’s content with people who agree with your message, so build a small network of cross-promoters. And don’t forget about your own community, either.
  6. Think about multi-channel content promotion—Share your piece in your online newsletter, a white paper, a vlog (video blog), an infographic, an industry publication, or whatever else you can think of to support your content.
  7. Consider paid media—Some paid content promotion tactics can be very effective, including: StumbleUpon Paid Discovery, Promoted Tweets, Highly Targeted Facebook Ads, and more.
  8. Join a tribe on TriberrTriberr is a terrific way for you to promote your newest post and get a ton of social shares.
  9. Do a guest post— One of the best promotion methods you can do is to guest post. Write your best article and contribute to a “targeted” blog that is within your category.

Think creatively about all the promotion options

There are many, many more ways to promote your blogs. If you’re looking for more ways to promote your posts, a good place to start is this infographic by Technorati. According to their philosophy, “It’s not about blogging more often, but about promoting more ways.” Some of their tips include: bookmarking sites, optimizing your posts for specific key words, pushing your posts through RSS feeds, and syndicating your blog. In promoting blogs, it’s okay to be creative as possible in tooting your own horn. So, feel free to toot away!

Want to know exactly what promotional tactics are best for you?  Just ask us!