Offer the Free Webinar that People Really Want to Attend

meeting-point-98586_640We all know that people will sign up for your complimentary offer or information simply because it’s FREE. But when push comes to shove, those same peeps will schedule other commitments and bypass the actual free webinar (or meeting). They may feel that your no-cost session is not all that important, will have information they don’t really want or need, or that if it’s “free” it has no real value.

That’s unfortunate for you. You think a certain number of people will be attending, so you take time to plan. You even follow all the tips that we posted a few months ago in “19 Insider Tips for Hosting Winning Webinars.” But, if only a few people who sign up actually show up, you will NOT accomplish any of your goals for the session—to generate leads, build credibility, attract new business, give branding a boost, create additional revenue streams, nor educate interested parties.

So, it’s up to you to make sure all (or most) of those sign-ups can’t wait to hear what you have to say…that they are really anticipating your memorable, interesting, and useful webinar.

Use their input to create your session

If you want them to attend, make the topic something they really want to hear about. So, ask them.

Poll your peeps. Ask them on Facebook. Find out what common problems plague them. Discover what they want to know and how you can help them.

When you tap into their own input, the topic will hit a home run. Nothing is more compelling than a topic they asked for.

Make sure they know exactly what to expect

When you set up your topic and promotions, be certain to:

  • Clearly define your purpose, so they can’t wait to hear what you have to say.
  • Create appealing, attractive, memorable, and intriguing messaging.
  • Repeatedly state the specifics…the day, time (in several time zones), and how to access the webinar.

Make it priceless

Even though your session is free, people need to see the value you offer. Your copy must have emotional impact. If you don’t create that kind of impact, the session they casually signed up for will become meaningless to your targets…lost in all the noise of everyday life and the countless emails and content.

So it’s critical to make sure your copy shows your peeps how your webinar and your solutions will change their lives for the better. When you reinforce your emotional message, your information will be priceless (instead of free!).

Remind, remind, remind

Certainly you have a plan in place to get people to sign up. But, you need an equally effective plan to get it on their calendars and assure attendance.

A series of effective reminder emails are the most common way to follow-up and keep the webinar at top-of-mind. Other possibilities to consider include: sprinkling reminders throughout your website, news releases, social networks, affiliate promotions, newsletters, blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Google ads, or direct mail. You can even shoot a bite-size video to describe what people will learn, and incorporate the video into any webinar marketing.

The more ways you engage people the more likely they will be to attend.

Make it buzz-worthy

Keep them excited.

The best way to assure attendance at your next meeting is a terrific past meeting. Don’t underestimate the “buzz” power of word-of-mouth.

If you’ve had webinars that people loved, be sure to capture and use their testimonials. Tell everyone how much they’ve missed before…and how much they can expect this time.

You can also provide incentives for attending and paying attention to the end. Bribery works. Promise a free bonus…like an hour of your consulting time, a tip sheet, or an ebook. But don’t tell them what it is until the actual session.

Or you can even have a contest or drawing for attendees.

Promise them Q and A

Invite participation. You do not have to be the only person talking.

Ask participants to bring specific questions or comments (or submit them to you in advance).  Most people have something to contribute—even the quiet ones. They can’t wait to be acknowledged and get answers they need.

Get someone famous to speak, too

You might not be able to afford Elton John or Dr. Phil, but you can get a well-established associate to say a few words.

That may be all it takes to get your peeps to attend.

Get a little help from a friend

Want to make sure all those sign-ups come to your meeting…and stay until the end? The easiest way is to reach out to Solamar. We know the proven tricks-of-the-trade and are ready to put them to work for you.

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