6 Steps to Set up a Successful Mobile Marketing Campaign

iphone-204774_640If you haven’t considered jumping into mobile marketing yet, you might be missing a significant opportunity for your business.

You don’t need statistics to tell you people are pre-occupied with their mobile devices; just look around you. However, some of the latest Nielsen research provides compelling insights into why overlooking mobile marketing may cause you to miss out on reaching your customer.

In the U.S., adults are spending 34 hours per month on the mobile internet and only 27 hours per month accessing the internet through a desktop or laptop computer.

Much of the time spent on mobile devices is social. Forty-seven percent of U.S. adults access social networks through their smartphones daily, spending an average of 15 hours per month accessing social media apps. These apps provide avenues for mobile marketing and advertising.

A significant amount of time spent on the mobile internet is also linked to consumer activity, such as researching products and services, reading reviews of products and services users plan to purchase, finding locations, and actually making purchases. Brands that are ignoring consumer mobile activity are missing major marketing opportunities.

Some studies have shown that mobile users are more motivated to take action than users browsing at their desk, finding that as many as 70% of mobile searches lead to opt-ins, purchases, or other measurable conversions.

According to the Mobile Marketing Association, brands are expected to spend $19.8 billion on mobile marketing by 2015, tripling their budgets in the span of a few years. And Deloitte Consulting forecasts that mobile will influence as much as 21% of retail sales, or $689 billion in spending, by 2016. Mobile communications have become big business, and smart marketers are not ignoring this trend.

A mobile marketing campaign can be used to raise awareness and create buzz about your brand, increase opt-ins to your mailing list or generate user registrations, distribute special offers, promotions, or coupons, or enhance the customer service experience and engagement with your brand.

If you are ready to try mobile marketing or improve your mobile marketing efforts, here are 6 steps to creating a successful mobile marketing campaign:

Step 1: Approach carefully

Though ignoring mobile consumers altogether is a bad idea, this doesn’t mean you should frantically dive into a mobile marketing campaign without carefully considering your approach. Think about how to best introduce your target audience and consumers to your brand or how to further engage existing customers and prospects through mobile marketing.

Always aim for developing strategies, tactics, and relevant messaging that provide value and that will most likely be welcomed by users. It is especially important to consider the context with mobile marketing. Mobile devices are particularly personal, so it is important that your messaging promotes trust, that you have permission, and that you are inviting engagement; disruptive marketing is a sure turnoff for mobile users.

Step 2: Set goals and objectives

As with any marketing effort, never miss the critical step of setting goals and objectives for mobile marketing. Determine how mobile marketing fits into the overall marketing goals for your business, as well as the specific and measurable outcomes you aim to achieve with your mobile marketing campaign.

Keep in mind that marketing is an integrative process, so these objectives may be tied to customer service or satisfaction after opting in or purchasing.

Step 3: Prepare for a strong landing

Your mobile marketing campaign may drive users to engage with your brand outside of the social network, text environment, or other referral location. You need to have a mobile website and preferably a specific landing page for the campaign that is designed to boost conversion or optimize the user experience.

Your mobile marketing campaign should include clear calls to action with steps that are easy for users to follow; so it is critical that you ensure that their experience is not burdensome. If the process is clunky, unclear, or your site is difficult to view, you will lose them.

Step 4: Create the campaign

Setting up and implementing a mobile marketing campaign may require a variety of creative and technical skillsets. Elements of your campaign may require compelling copy, design, audio, or video, as well as set-up through mobile apps, SMS, MMS, coding and development, and integration.

You also need to take legal and privacy issues into consideration and read the fine print when working with third-party apps and services to make sure you are protecting yourself and users’ data.

Step 5: Launch your mobile marketing campaign

After your campaign has been set up and tested, it’s time to launch. Launching your mobile marketing campaign may include a frenzy of activity, particularly if you are running a contest or a hot promotion. Be prepared to handle the uptick in activity, inquiries, customer service, and potential technical glitches.

Recognize that a campaign, by definition, has a set start and end time; and you may need to dedicate resources to the successful implementation and management of the campaign.

Step 6: Measure and Analyze

One of the benefits of mobile marketing is that metrics are available for you to analyze throughout the campaign and following the campaign.

Be sure to tie your objectives to metrics at the outset of the campaign, and keep a close watch on the data as you go. When the campaign is complete, determine what worked and what didn’t, taking into consideration limitations, budget, and technical performance.

You can use the information you gather to assess immediate ROI as well as gather valuable information on your target market and customers for future mobile campaigns and marketing efforts.

Mobile marketing campaigns can be fun and produce strong results, but your efforts will be most successful with a well-developed strategy and skilled implementation.

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