Why We Believe in Boutique Marketing

metro6You may have noticed on our homepage that we describe ourselves as a “boutique marketing agency,” but you may not know exactly what a boutique agency is or why we believe serving our clients using a boutique model is the best way to support you.

“Boutique” in the agency world simply means small and specialized, and the term is used to set agencies like ours apart from the big guys — traditional agencies. Traditional marketing, advertising, and PR firms tend to concentrate on traditional channels, such as television and print; and they have evolved to integrate new media into their model.

Boutique firms like ours are comparably small, nimble, and forward thinking. We got our start in new media — by creating marketing using the internet and everything the digital world offers — and that’s where we continue to create the most impact for our clients.

We work with a variety of clients, from startup solopreneurs to large established non-profits; but we do focus on our area of expertise — optimizing our clients’ online presence and breathing life into their internet marketing. Even when we develop offline marketing strategies, we do so in a way that attracts leads back to your online home, so your marketing strengthens relationships to grow your business.

Another thing that sets our boutique agency apart from traditional agencies is our enthusiasm for implementation and long-term support. We’re not only about big ideas.  Yes, we develop creative campaigns; but while the traditional agency model focuses on creating a big splash and then floundering to support ongoing customer engagement, we are built to support the day-to-day marketing conversations in this ever-increasing social marketplace. We don’t just do it out of obligation between big campaigns — we believe customer support and continual engagement is, in fact, marketing, and we love doing it.

Our size has its advantages too. Because we are small, we can remain nimble. We adapt to what our clients need and respond quickly to changes and trends. Nobody has to go through layers of bureaucracy, levels of approval, or get bogged down by “the way it’s always been done.” Our account managers have the flexibility to run with it, or run ‘it’ directly past our CEO Chelsea for her input.

One more benefit of our boutique approach is that it keeps us in the trenches. We all roll up our sleeves and get sh*t done. There are no divas here, and there are no lowly interns fetching our coffee. We’re a team of specialists, creatives, and managers, who love what we do; and our fun, flexible culture attracts a bright, enthusiastic entrepreneurial team.

What this all boils down to is we believe in this approach because it allows us to best serve our clients, to offer premium services at an accessible price, to remain intimately aware of our clients’ needs, and to stay on top of our game.

Think that sounds like what you need? Give us a shout!