How to Get Supercharged for a New Campaign this Fall

trees-233466_640Fall is finally here. The kids are back in school, your summer vacation has come to an end, and it’s time to get back into your groove. Not that entrepreneurs fully indulge in the lazy days of summer, but marketing activity does tend to slow down a bit as small business owners step away from their laptops for some fun in the sun.

But if you slowed down your marketing, you may be noticing business is a bit slower than you would like right now. If you have a new program or product launching soon or you’re ready to ramp up your sales, it’s time to get moving with your marketing. Now that you’re back into the swing of things, here are 3 ways to get supercharged for your next campaign:

Get Inspired

One of the best ways to supercharge your own marketing is to get inspired by marketing and promotions by other businesses. But rather than looking around your own industry, seek inspiration elsewhere. If you look for inspiration from people in your bubble, you might find yourself inadvertently copying what they do, blending in, or worse yet, getting caught in the comparison trap.

Instead, look around you for inspiration from…

  • Your favorite big brands. For example, our CEO Chelsea loves Apple. Talk about inspiring marketing! Check out this article that outlines what you can learn from Apple’s marketing. It’s a few years old, but it could have been written this week, because the same principles continue to hold true.
  • Local small businesses. If you aren’t familiar with inspiring local businesses, flip through your local business journal or magazines. For example, Solamar has been featured in B-metro along with other local business rockstars. Your city probably has a similar publication. It’s always fun to see entrepreneurs in your neck of the woods, and to look at their marketing for fresh ideas.
  • Leaders in other fields or areas. If you’re an accountant who loves yoga, look for inspiration from your favorite successful yoga center. If you’re a health coach with an eye for style, check out the marketing of the top salon or boutique in your town. If you’re a chiropractor in Birmingham, take a peek at successful chiropractors in Atlanta or Nashville to see what kind of marketing they are doing.
  • Publications such as AdWeek. All of the top marketers in the big name agencies read AdWeek to keep in touch with their industry news. You can get the ad industry inside scoop, know what’s being discussed in marketing classrooms at business schools around the country, and most importantly, get inspiration for your next marketing campaign, just by perusing their website.

Get Connected

Marketing doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Marketing is all about making connections. One of the most effective ways to supercharge your next marketing campaign is to partner up with others who are already serving your target market.

If you checked out for the summer, it’s time to check in again with your mentors, network, business besties, and joint venture partners. Send an email, or better yet, pick up the phone, and let them know what you have in the pipeline to see how you might be able to work together to promote each other’s programs, products, and services.

It is still possible create opportunities to leverage your connections in a beneficial way this fall. Solamar client Renee Moore is an American business coach working in Germany. By working closely with a mentor and enhancing her local relationships over the summer, she now has the opportunity to speak at an upcoming event with world-renowned bestselling author, Brian Tracy. Renee is partnering up with the event host to present a series of webinars and promotions for the seminar and to grow her reputation as a speaker and coach in the European market. Now, instead of running her marketing campaigns on her own this fall, she is working in partnership with a broader network and supercharging her marketing.

Use Social Proof

If you really want to supercharge your marketing this fall, give your campaigns a boost with social proof. Social proof is what gives your potential customers confidence that you can deliver on your promises. Some marketing experts have gone as far as saying, “social proof is the new marketing.”

Solamar client Kimberly Doehnert is a professional women’s figure coach who uses testimonials and before and after photos to illustrate the tangible results her clients, students, and customers achieve by working individually with her, enrolling in her programs, or purchasing her home study system. She consistently sells her products online, converts private clients through her online marketing, and continues to enjoy successful program launches every few months. Social proof is a key element to all of her marketing campaigns.

When you infuse social proof into your marketing campaigns, it also gives you a shot of pride and motivation to kick your campaign into high gear. Reach back and gather testimonials, before and after photos, case studies, and positive reviews. Not only will your prospects be impressed with your work, you will also be reminded of why you do what you do, just how good you are at what you do, and how many more people you can help with your business.

So go ahead and find your inspiration, revive and energize your connections, put social proof in motion, and electrify your next campaign this fall.

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