Does Your Newsletter Pop?

graffiti-429323_640I’d say it’s common marketing knowledge at this point that utilizing an email newsletter (or ezine) for your business has many benefits, but for those who are new to the party, let’s have a refresher, shall we?

An email newsletter is an email you send to a list of subscribers on a recurring basis (once a week or month), usually with casual content like article excerpts, short personal messages and announcements. You don’t see a lot of pushy sales content in newsletters, though their ultimate goal is often to sell or generate leads. They do this by regularly placing your brand along-side bite-size pieces of interesting content that make it more likely for people to both remember you and click through to your pages.

The catch is, your newsletter needs to POP! You can’t just write an email, call it a newsletter and send it off to your list. Or, at least, you shouldn’t expect good results if you do. Though email clients are still in the stone-age compared to browsers when it comes to displaying beautifully styled content, forward thinking newsletter designers have found ways to make even the stodgiest email clients (I’m looking at you Outlook), display attractive and responsive email newsletters.

So how do you make your newsletter pop? Stay tuned, and I’ll give you a few tips!

1. Make the Design Consistent with Your Branding

If you already have a brand in place, then the design of your email newsletter should reflect that brand. It should have your logo, color scheme, and any other elements that distinguish your brand. Do you use a particular image in the header of your website? You might consider using the same image in the header of your newsletter. One heads up though, custom fonts still don’t work well enough to recommend using, so you’re stuck with standard web fonts for text.

2. Indicate that the Email is a Newsletter

Find a fun way of indicating that the email is a newsletter and not some standard email. For instance, the Solamar newsletter says, “Hot Off the Press!” in a little graphic at the top. People get a lot of spam, but presumably they signed up for your newsletter, so this is one subtle way of saying, “Hey, you asked me to send this to you!”

3. Personalize Your Newsletter

The more people can connect with your company the better, and to this end it can be good to add an image of yourself, links to you or company’s social media, and a little blurb from you, either greeting them before you deliver the content, or saying farewell at the end of the ezine.

4. Make it Responsive

An ever increasing number of people are reading their emails on mobile devices, and your newsletter is no good to those folks if it doesn’t display well. Make sure your newsletter responds well to any sized screen that someone might view your email on, whether it be a tiny phone or a giant television.

5. Use an Email Marketing Service

If you are already using, or considering using an email marketing service such as Infusionsoft or Mailchimp, you should, and you will find the tools and templates they offer a great way to begin. They offer many pre-built ways to lay out newsletters, and designs to use as jumping off points, not to mention all of the other ways they can boost and support your email interactions with your customer base.

Of course, if you want a custom-built email newsletter that’s smooth like silk, hot like fire, and rocks your clients around the block, give the Solamar team a shout. We’ll be all over it like butter on pancakes. Mmmm….pancakes!!

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