Get More Click-Throughs on Your Email Campaigns (Part 1 of 2)

click-throughsEmail continues to be one of the best ways to connect with your customers, nurture your relationships, and ultimately generate more sales for your business.

When we work with clients on email marketing campaigns, our number one goal is to have a successful campaign that gets results.

What does it mean to have a successful email campaign?

First, of course you want people to open the email. A low open rate simply means that only a small percentage of people on your list are actually receiving and opening your emails. If few people are opening and reading emails, it’s time to take steps to change that.

But open rates are not the only important metric. When you send an email campaign, if someone opens and reads your email, great. If they click on a link you have included in the email? Even better. After the click comes the possibility of strengthening your relationship with the reader or making a sale.

Your click rate is the percentage of successfully delivered emails that registered at least one click. In other words, the people who opened your emails actually clicked on a link that you included to a page outside of the email. The link might drive the reader to your blog, a sales page, a new opt-in offer or registration page, one of your social media accounts, or any other meaningful action that you want the reader to take.

Clicks prove that a recipient has actually read or scanned at least part of your email. Clicks confirm a higher level of engagement than open rate alone. High click throughs on your email campaigns mean that you are delivering information that readers find valuable, that you are presenting relevant offers, or that you have piqued enough interest to warrant some action.

Now that you know why click throughs are important, what can you do to increase your click throughs and have more successful email campaigns?

  1. Segment your email list
    Divide your total list into categories based on demographics and past behavior, so you are sending the most relevant emails possible. This will take effort, the right tools, and guidance, but segmenting your lists to deliver highly targeted and tailored messages will increase your click throughs and return on investment of your marketing efforts.
  2. Send emails people actually want to get
    Make the effort to ensure you are delivering messages your audience wants to read. Send a survey to ask what kind of information they want from you, check in with social media, make a list of questions your customers frequently ask, and analyze past email campaigns for high click throughs. Get crystal clear on what content your readers want and what offers your readers crave.
  3. Write click-worthy subject lines.
    Your email subject line should be action-oriented and tell the reader, in one quick glance, what he will be able to get or do once he opens the email. Use verbs, keep it short, tailor it to your audience’s needs or desires, and make it timely. If the subject line is compelling enough to inspire the reader to open, make sure it is also consistent with the content and call to action.
  4. Refine your message.
    Keep your message short, simple, and compelling. Provide enough information to give some value and capture the reader’s interest within the email’s content, and then include links for readers to read the remaining content on your site or entice them to join a conversation on social media, for example.
  5. Make the call-to-action stand out.
    Don’t bury your call to action. There should be no mistake that you want readers to do something specific — click on a particular link. The call-to-action should never be vague, but instead bold and direct.
  6. Include a sense of urgency
    Whenever it makes sense, create a legitimate sense of urgency for readers to click on the link. You can do this by including a limited-time offer, a deadline, a date for an upcoming event, a limited number of spaces, or a logical reason to act quickly. Your goal is to prevent them from procrastinating. If someone closes your email without clicking, they are not likely to open it and click later.
  7. Run A/B testing
    A/B testing or split testing will enable you to experiment with subject lines, topics, content length, calls to action, timing, or other variables. This will allow you to refine and optimize your emails for higher click through conversions.

Effective email campaigns can prove to be a profitable marketing tactic for your business. Taking the time and making the effort to increase opens and click throughs will boost your results and increase your return on investment.

Contact us for a strategic plan and support to get more click throughs on your email marketing campaigns.

Stay tuned for Part 2 — in which we discuss how building relationships/increasing intimacy through email campaigns can increase click throughs!

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