Is Your Marketing Campaign True to Your Brand?

marketing-brandingWhen you prepare to launch a marketing campaign, can you confidently say that the campaign is true to your company’s brand?

The most powerful and persuasive branding is clear, cohesive, and consistent. Because your marketing should enhance your relationship with your audience and move customers to take action, effective marketing campaigns carefully align with your company’s brand.

Your brand is the emotional connection your customers have to your business. You have the opportunity to develop this relationship between your customers and your business through all of the ways they are exposed to your company — some examples of these points of contact include your logo, colors, messaging, voice, advertisements, customer service, and, of course, marketing campaigns.

Your brand creates meaning for your customers — it differentiates you from your competition — and this emotional connection becomes the reason they buy. Perhaps Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, put it most simply: “Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.” But Michael Eisner, former CEO of Disney, warns, “A brand is a living entity – and it is enriched or undermined cumulatively over time, the product of thousands of small gestures.”

So each marketing campaign you launch shapes the perception of your company in the minds of your customers and potential customers.

Marketing consists of the ways in which you communicate value to your customers. Your marketing is comprised of a set of actions that help you uncover and activate buyers. Marketing encourages your existing and potential customers to hire you or purchase what you’re selling.

A marketing campaign is a coordinated series of specific steps and activities enacted to promote your company, a product, or service. A campaign has a timeline, a particular purpose and set of goals.

Right now, we can all observe the holiday marketing campaigns that are targeting us. From television and social media advertisements to store displays and emails, we are seeing the coordinated marketing efforts of some of our favorite and most recognized brands. And we can easily detect that the big brands, who have the most brand equity or established value in their brand, are staying true to their brand.

If an LL Bean marketing campaign took on the voice of an Old Navy marketing campaign this holiday season, how would that make you feel?

If an iPhone campaign suddenly took on the look and feel of Samsung, what would you think?

These companies have strong brands, and we expect certain identifiable messaging from them. They have built these brands — and the emotional connections their customers feel — over time with activities, including marketing campaigns, that are “true” to their brand. This helps to establish trust, ease, and comfort. Their customers know what to expect and what they are going to get.

When you have a small business with far fewer resources and opportunities to connect with customers than a big brand, it is even more important that you carefully consider whether or not your marketing campaigns are true to your brand.

Why miss a precious opportunity to build familiarity and trust? Why not use each point of contact with your customers and potential customers to enhance your relationship and further establish the unique value you bring?

To ensure that your marketing campaign is true to your brand, consider the brand promise you are making in the campaign to determine that it is a promise you can keep. Consider the voice and messaging to ensure that it is authentic and faithful to your brand. And consider the look and feel to make certain it is consistent and recognizable.

Remember, that when you come out of left field with a marketing campaign that is not well aligned with your brand, you may be doing more damage than good. As you are establishing your brand and trying new ideas, it is okay to experiment, but do so in a way that keeps the relationship you have with your target audience intact.

If you need help making sure your next marketing campaign aligns with your brand, contact Solamar today.

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