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You Better Be Responsive, Or Google Will Get You

search-engine-76519_1280As is it’s habit, Google is getting ready to make another major alteration to their search algorithm, and there has been a lot of chatter about what it is going to mean for us web denizens, so I thought I’d clarify it for you.

Here’s the deal ­— on April 21, Google will be adding a ‘mobile friendly’ component to their algorithm.  This new feature basically looks at your site, and tries to determine if it’s mobile friendly or not.  If not, then it will drop your site down in the rankings returned to Mobile devices below other sites that are mobile friendly.  Basically, if you search on a mobile device, google will rank mobile friendly sites better than non-mobile friendly devices.

The question is, will this impact you? Probably quite a bit. In January 2014, 30% of web traffic was on a mobile device.  As of 2015, it’s looking like more than 50% of web traffic is from a mobile device, and there are projections that this will increase exponentially over the next year or so.

So…this is important…but only if you care about search engine rankings.

For those of you who have Solamar-designed sites, if we built it in the past few years, you should be ok. Here’s where things can go awry — if you have older pre-Solamar pages that are straight-up HTML existing outside of WordPress, it’s about 99% likely that these old pages are not mobile friendly.  When Google finds these old pages, it will consider your entire site to be non-mobile friendly and drop your ranking accordingly.

We’ve been hearing about this, but were hit face first with it this week.  Solamar makes use of Google’s Webmaster Tools to help with SEO stuff.  This tool had notified us that 100% of our site was NOT mobile friendly but we knew this wasn’t true.  The issue came from a few old HTML pages that were outside of the main Solamar site, leftover from previous iterations of the site that are no longer used.  The problem was quickly fixed by simply deleting the pages.  We could have ported them into WordPress as well, but they were so old that we just archived them.

If you’d like to make sure that your website doesn’t have any mobile issues that will alter your Google search rankings for the worse, then the Solamar team is here to help you!