Why Team-Building Matters in Small Business

crazynessAt it’s root, business is about people. People you serve, people you work with, they all form the social structure that serves as the foundation for your enterprise. And, like all human endeavors, the interactions between those people can greatly effect the efficiency with which you work, the quality of that work and the atmosphere within which you do that work.

This is why it is of the utmost importance that you take steps to make sure that the bunch of individuals who work for and with you begin to think of each other and work together as a team. Team mentality may take some work to build, especially in the beginning when people are still feeling each other out, but the payoff is worth it! Well-built teams perform better, handle themselves better in a crisis, and generally have a higher quality of work experience.

So what’s the best way to go about team-building? Stay tuned, and we’ll throw you a few tips!

Get Together

One of the best things you can do for team-building, especially if your workforce is distributed geographically like Solamar’s, is to hold regular outside-of-work get-togethers. For us, that takes the form of the Solatreat, an annual corporate retreat that brings everyone to Solamar’s headquarters in Birmingham, AL. We talk a little business while we’re there, but we also play a ton of really fun games designed to make people feel loose and at ease with each other, a feeling which can translate back to the work environment to great effect. Oh yeah, and we eat really good food together, which also leads to great conversation and general good will between team members. Take a look at this video of the team throwing paper airplanes and talking about their work experience at one of our recent Solatreats, it’s a pretty good idea of how silly and fun we can get, but also how much our work environment and team mean to us.

Celebrate Good Times, C’mon!

No matter how much they may shrug it off, everyone enjoys a bit of praise now and again. It’s important to make your team members feel like they are positive forces for good on the team, even if they might know that intellectually. Here at Solamar, whenever someone has a particularly good day, or sometimes just because we’re feeling like sharing the love, we spotlight someone on the team in a short company-wide email thread, and let everyone chime in. It’s a simple, small thing, but it goes a really long way to keeping everyone engaged and energized about doing their best.

Get Together Again

I can’t reinforce this enough — if you want to build your team, you need to get them together. The Solatreat I discussed earlier is a great way for us to get everyone on the team in one place, but we also hold weekly meetings for smaller sub-teams within our organization, like the design team. This allows them to further build connections between each other, while also addressing issues relevant to only their subset of responsibility. These smaller group meetings can be highly focused, and give each team member an opportunity to feel as if they are contributing directly with feedback about specific issues.

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