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How to Grow Your Therapy Practice by Building Your Online Brand

portrait of middle aged female therapist in office with patient in backgroundHere at Solamar, as we work with a wide variety of business owners to help them create standout brands, we find that many of our clients fall into the category of “accidental” or “reluctant” entrepreneur. What I mean by this is that they are highly trained and skilled at what they do, and they have a burning desire to help others using their gifts and expertise, but they didn’t necessarily go into their field thinking like an entrepreneur.

Take our therapist clients, for example — each of the amazing therapists who hired us for branding and website design over the past few years had impressive training and experience, knew how to support their clients through life’s greatest challenges, and had hearts of gold with their sights set on helping more people through crisis and difficulty. And though they wanted and needed more clients to continue doing this meaningful and fulfilling work, they didn’t all know how to consistently attract the right clients to fill their practice and create or maintain a sustainable business.

What they needed — and what many business owners, like therapists, coaches and professional service providers need — is a standout brand and an exceptional online presence that communicates their message and connects with their audience, authentically and powerfully.

All too often, owners of personal and professional service businesses, such as therapists, believe all they have to do to build their business is to be good at what they do, generate word of mouth referrals, and maybe do some advertising or try a few popular marketing tactics. They mistakenly think their online presence just needs to exist. They think all they need is a website with their basic bio, credentials and contact information, and as long as people can find them on the web, the phone will start to ring. Unfortunately, they often settle for a drab and uninspiring template website, that does little to capture or communicate their strengths, passion for what they do,or desire to help clients with problems.

It is, of course, possible to grow your therapy practice the old-fashioned way, even if your website is little more than a boring digital brochure, flying under the radar and gaining clients one-by-one, but I think you’ll agree that doing it that way is a slow row to hoe. It’s unnecessary to remain unknown and hide behind a stark website with a clinical, impersonal feel.

Instead, you can grow your therapy practice by building an online brand that excites you, inspires hope in your potential clients and ultimately gets your phone ringing.

Kim Bowen, LPC, owner of Marriage Place Counseling Center in Dallas, TX, credits her web presence (which Solamar developed), as a key differentiator when launching her business, enabling her to stand out amidst more established counseling centers in her area and grow a thriving practice right out of the gate.


Another Solamar client, Paul Sigafus, LMFT, owner of the Colorado Counseling Center, points to his “wonderful presence on the web” as one of the reasons his practice continues to attract clients that he and his team of counselors proudly serve every day.


You see, your potential clients are searching for help online. They are looking for a therapist to help them work through a problem, life challenge or personal crisis. It is up to you to ensure that you’re communicating your ability to help them and meet their needs during this difficult time. Presumably, all of your fellow counselors have similar credentials, but your brand — the stories and imagery you share — can set you apart, welcome them in and instill confidence that working with you could be the solution to their problem.

Your web presence is often your initial opportunity to make the right impression. It should include a solid combination of compelling messaging, branding, design and functionality, and focus on inspiring your prospective clients to contact you and schedule their initial appointment.

So if you’re a therapist ready to take your therapy practice from start-up to sustainable or from slow growth to a rousing success, download our free eBookThe Ultimate Guide to a Profitable Practice Website, and discover what it takes to create a website that attracts all the clients you need to thrive.