The 3 Traits of Good Logo Design

I love logo design. The first thing I ever designed was a logo for my parent’s business way back when I was 16 years old, and I’ve been fascinated with that element of design ever since. There is a zen-like art in taking the culture and brand of a company and distilling it down into a single iconographic representation. Like haiku or minimalist sculpture, the art of good logo design is about how much you can communicate with as little as possible.

But a logo isn’t just art. It is the single most identifiable part of your brand, and as such, it needs to not just be pretty, but also effective as an ambassador of everything you represent. It needs to engage people and be instantly recognizable. A tall order, indeed!

Still, it’s an order that is filled regularly by great design for brands all over the world. The internet age is awash in logos, and if you just look around wherever you happen to be sitting right now, I bet you can spot a few that catch your eye. Stick around, and I’ll give you a few tips on how to make sure your logo is one that represents you well and helps you stand out in a crowded space.

Keep It Simple

Given what I said earlier about the importance of a logo and all of the things it needs to accomplish, it can be easy to go way overboard with ornateness or complicated layout. Don’t try to cram every aspect of what you do into your logo. Remember that it is a distillation of your brand, iconic, and should be easily transferred across mediums. Your logo should look as good on an app icon as it does 10 feet tall. Fiddly little details that look good large will be lost when shrunk down, another good reason to keep your logo design simple. Your logo should also look good in one color, even if you intend it to have multiple colors, as a rule of thumb.

Be Unique

Just because you should keep your logo design simple doesn’t mean it needs to be generic. Take a look around at the marketing space you are living in or about to enter. Do the logos of your competitors all use similar design elements? Go in a different direction. Try not to go with the easy or obvious choices and generate concepts that approach your brand from an interesting angle. You don’t want to get too obtuse here, the design should still communicate the right tone for your brand, but don’t be afraid to play with funky or out-of-left field ideas.

Be Fashionable, But Design for the Long-Term

Like any creative arena, logo design experiences its share of fads and trends. While it is important to be aware of what is currently in vogue, when designing a logo it is more important to look beyond the current fashion and design something that will last, and look good no matter how current trends change. Remember a few years back when every logo had to have a grunge effect applied to it? Some of the brands that went a little too far distressing their logos to fit in with that look seem really out of place now that grunge has passed us by. Of course, if your brand survives for a long time, redesigns of your logo are almost inevitable, but you certainly don’t want to be redoing it every few years, like you would for a website design. Instead, focus on classic design styles that transcend moment to moment changes in the mood of your market.

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