9 Easy Ways to Make Your e-Newsletter More Useful to Your Audience

NewsletterEveryone knows that e-newsletters create and build relationships with customers and clients. Plus, e-newsletters provide you with a vehicle for ongoing one-on-one messaging and communications. When people subscribe, they are giving you permission to contact them, and in turn, expect reliable, useful information.

Instead of helpful content, unfortunately, I often see e-newsletters that are only about the senders’ businesses and selling their stuff. All the “me, me, me” material can be a major turn-off to readers, who want more about how you can help “them, them, them.” Remember, it’s not about you…it’s about how you help them!

A great newsletter that people look forward to and really want to read lets the good stuff shine through. So, consider these 9 points to keep your e-newsletter more helpful, useful, and valuable to your targets.

Spell out what they’ll get when they subscribe

Make sure you’re communicating about your e-newsletter’s focus and content balance on your subscribe landing page. Be specific. Tell potential subscribers exactly what will be in the newsletter and how often they should expect to hear from you. Make your premise and promise clear.

Subscribers deserve to know what to expect from you. They sign up with eyes wide open, knowing exactly whom they’re receiving email from, what they will be receiving, and how often you will be sending it. When customers and prospects have this information up front, it will help minimize your unsubscribe and spam rates, as well.

Stop selling and being too much of a shill

While your peeps may love you and really enjoy hearing from you, there’s only so much shilling they can stand. That’s why it’s so important to balance your newsletter…with at least 90% educational stuff for them and no more than 10% promotional stuff about your products and services.

Be the company that sends out e-newsletters people want to open again and again. Deliver educational, relevant, timely informational content. Unless you have big news about your company, or a new product, service or program, leave out the promotional stuff.

Make subject lines specific and interesting

Put an end to generic subject lines. No one wants to open an email with a blah subject line like “November Newsletter.” They’ll immediately click the “delete” button and send it to the trash without ever opening it.

It’s brutal to see a subject line with absolutely no value proposition. Readers want to have an idea what the topic of the newsletter is, what content they’ll find inside, and why they should even care. With a lame (or blah) subject line, the only thing they have to go by is the company or sender name—so that brand or person better be something your audience genuinely adores, or the e-newsletter is going in the trash.

Show how much you care

Even if you aren’t able to have face-to-face interactions with consumers, it’s important to create that feeling with content. Your newsletter can connect your company (and you and your employees) to your customers, plus it can connect your customers to each other. Creating this sense of community shows how much you care.

Keep content connected

Your newsletter content shouldn’t be a jumbled mess of unrelated topics. If you include links to every topic under the sun, readers are likely to get confused or annoyed by your newsletter and unsubscribe. Topics should relate to each other in some way.

Craft a newsletter that’s relevant to your targets

Many e-newsletters try to send content that’s not pertinent to their customers or clients. Instead, cover stuff that they care about. Stick to what your audience is interested in.

Maintain newsworthy content

As you’re going through every headline, every feature, try to put yourself in your audience’s shoes and question whether or not someone would care. Ask yourself, “Is it timely? Is it relevant to the audience at hand?”

Loosen up a little

Who says your newsletter has to be so serious? Have a little fun with it. Throw in some punchy headlines or funny memes and see how your audience reacts. You could even run an A/B test with a serious, professional tone in your newsletter versus one with loads of humor and wit to see which approach your audience enjoys more.

Nurture brand advocates

People are seeking brands they can trust, buy from, and refer to friends. Make your content sound like it’s coming from real, caring humans, and you cement this attachment and loyalty to your brand. Use anecdotes, real stories, even quotes and testimonials. And keep it light, entertaining…and true to your brand.

If you want an e-newsletter that customers and clients will gobble up like salted peanuts, give the Solamar team a shout.

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