Why We Still Use WordPress in 2016


I like new things. I’m an early adopter, meaning I have to have the latest tech right when it’s on the bleeding edge. I prefer seeing movies in the theatre. I enjoy wearing fashionable attire. So why is it, when it comes to web development, that I (and all of the fine folks here at Solamar) still use WordPress, a Content Management System (CMS) that has been around since 2003?!

I mean, newer options have certainly become available during that lengthy tenure, surely WordPress has been surpassed by something more recent and shiny, right? Right?! Wrong.

While there are comparable offerings on the table, none of them hit all of the buttons that WordPress does when it comes to being a supple development tool, an easy system for clients to understand with a robust and supportive user community.

As the web has grown and changed, so too has WordPress, keeping pace with our needs and desires without sacrificing stability to the whims of the moment. That is why, here in the fuuuuuuuture, we still use the crusty ol’ dame. She may be getting on in years, but she still kicks butt with the best of them.

Here then, are a few great reasons you too should be using WordPress in 2016.

For the Low, Low Price of FREE!

That’s right, free! WordPress always has been and most likely always will be available to anyone, anywhere for nothing. You don’t pay to download, install, use or update it. It’s open-source, meaning the code-base is there for anyone to pour through, correct or adapt. In addition to the base WordPress install being free, WordPress also has an astonishing number of free themes and plugins available.

All The Toys

Let’s talk a little further about those themes and plugins. Because WordPress has a huge community producing content for it, there are themes to fit almost any desired layout / style, and plugins to accomplish almost anything, from integrating your website with various social networks and services to adding in custom e-commerce solutions and membership programs. Not all WordPress plugins are equal, there are definitely some duds in there, but it’s likely you’ll find a good one for whatever purpose you desire.

A Monkey Could Do It

Ok, a highly intelligent Planet of the Apes monkey could do it, and so can you! Over a decade of user-interface design means that WordPress has one of the easiest to understand and use admin interfaces around. Considering that a WordPress site can be customized to do and look like anything, the fact that all of that functionality is kept understandable to the layman is a major feat. We love handing WordPress sites over to our clients, because we know they are going to have a good experience moving forward.

The World Is Yours

As a developer, it’s wonderful that all of the afore-mentioned ease of use doesn’t come at the expense of functionality. WordPress is incredibly modular, and can be shaped into anything. If you have something you’d like your website to do, WordPress can do it. Whether it means installing a plugin or hacking the theme manually, any vision can be realized (though not all additions are capable by the user, some things require a savvy developer to accomplish). Some popular and modern systems that make things easier for the average user, like Squarespace and WIX, do not allow for deep customization the same way WordPress does.

Well, there you have it. We love WordPress, and now you know why. If all of these trends continue, WordPress will be our go-to CMS for years to come. Want a spiffy new WordPress site for yourself? Contact the design team here at Solamar and we’ll have you up and running in no time!


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