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11 Signs It’s Time to Trade Up From Your DIY Site

The word do it yourself and tablet pc against digital tablet displaying blueprintMany small business owners like you may be using a business website that you created on your own with the help of one of the many available DIY options. Unfortunately, using a DIY site can cause your business to suffer from a lot of minor and major malfunctions and hiccups that can dramatically affect your business.

Frankly, no one likes having to constantly update or tweak their website month after month, year after year. It can be time-consuming and expensive. But if online leads or sales have been slipping, and even if they haven’t (yet), it’s a great idea to periodically and objectively evaluate your website and make the necessary fixes…or, better yet, do a total redesign. These updates and changes are necessary if clients and customers can find what they’re looking for, your site looks amateurish or spammy, it keeps breaking down, or if the navigation, overall functionality, content, and more importantly—the calls to action — are not significant and engaging.

So what are 11 indications that it’s time face-up to the fact that you are losing potential business…and could use an upgrade?

  1. You are still using that old DIY template
    That little do-it-yourself platform marginally worked and was an appropriate band-aid while juggling all the other immediate demands required by your fledgling company. But not anymore! That website you slapped together in 30 minutes isn’t cutting the mustard today.

    If you want to be taken seriously,deep six the cookie-cutter website. Aside from the innumerable problems and limitations with DIY sites, a visitor probably won’t buy if you don’t appear invested in your own products and/or services. So, take a good look at your analytics, get off the sofa, and get help to redesign your site.

  2. Your site appeals to your grandparents
    If your website doesn’t have the latest-and-greatest technology, graphics and content, chances are your visitors will go elsewhere. An outdated, junked-up website generally leaves buyers wondering if the company is fraudulent and if its products and/or services are valid. If you provide users the impression you are locked in the past decade (or past century!), they will assume what you have to offer is worthless and outdated, or at best, uncertain.
  3. It’s not mobile-friendly
    See how much of your business traffic is coming from phone or tablet (Google Analytics will show you). If it’s more than a few percent, you need to make sure your site is mobile-friendly, so you can reach prospects or customers no matter how they shop.
  1. Your web traffic isn’t converting into leads and/or sales
    Google Analytics will help you find problem areas and figure out where in the conversion funnel they are dropping off. When you know the problems you can set out to fix them…and use an A/B split to test different approaches.

  2. There’s no way to opt-in/sign up to receive news or promotions
    You must have a valid way to capture every lead, so you can stay in touch with visitors. In today’s noisy online world, visitors may have stumbled upon your website and may not be able to get there again on their own. Providing them with a spot to enter their email, to receive some valuable content from you, helps lead them back to your site again, and it increases your chances of making a future sale.

  3. Your buttons look dated
    Are your CTA (call to action) buttons looking dated, non-intuitive or simply not eye-catching? Updating the various buttons on your site to a more modern style, high-impact color scheme or adding visual cues that help guide the user could make a big impact on the overall site look and performance.
  4. Your business or practice has changed
    Over time, businesses change direction and focus. Your website must change and grow with you and support your current goals and practices. Educating consumers and offering them thought leadership provides tremendous value. You shouldn’t be afraid to take an authoritative stance in areas where you possess expertise. If you are truly knowledgeable about a particular field, and can prove it, then share your insights with others.

  5. Your site has become a lumbering monster
    Are you experiencing slow load times or noticing a lot of sub-par performance stuff (multiple plugins, tons of blog posts, busy design including a lot of things on the homepage, broken links). Sometimes websites start out simple and then evolve into something like that ball of cords behind your computer, a tangled mess. A redesign can help streamline your site.

  6. Your content is stale and out of date
    There is no quicker way to communicate to your potential customers that you are off your game than to have a site with outdated info. You would not use a brochure that is 10 years old or even 5 years old. You would not send out a direct mail piece with an event on it that already happened. For the same reasons you should make sure your website is updated frequently so it’s interesting to site visitors and loved by search engines. Search engines look for new, relevant content that proves you are a legitimate organization with actionable words.
  7. Your website has 404 error pages
    These are error messages a visitor will receive when a URL (link) doesn’t exist, either because it was moved or deleted. This can be an annoying and frustrating experience for your web traffic and may send them packing. Search engines, like Google, do not like 404 errors either. This will be reflected on the search engine results page (SERP) with a low rank. It’s high time for a redesign!
  8. You cannot expand
    Expanding your business is never an easy task, especially when it involves a totally new category or international expansion. But it’s made even more difficult when your web platform is a barrier to your expansion. There is no question that you need to upgrade to a website solution that fits your current and future needs as you grow and change.

Don’t settle for a website that limits your growth! The website pros at Solamar will jump in with the solutions your business website needs now. Give us a shout!