WordPress Plugins We Love: BackupBuddy

6385276fff27c3b3989210194d0cf35c_400x400We mention in a recent post that one of the reasons we love WordPress so much is the vast number of plugins it has available to extend the built-in functionality. But since there are over 40,000 plugins available in the repository, we thought it would be fun to help you sort through the pile by recommending a few of our favorites. These will be plugins we use all the time, have thoroughly tested and highly suggest using if you are looking for what they offer.

The first plugin we’re going to highlight is iThemes BackupBuddy, a world-class backup solution for WordPress websites. BackupBuddy not only backs up your site seamlessly in the background, it can also help you migrate your sites from one place to another and restore your site from backup should you ever need to.

Stick around, and I’ll tell you why we think BackupBuddy is the bees knees.

Easy Yet Powerful

BackupBuddy is simple enough to use that we feel comfortable handing it over to our clients, and powerful enough that we use it for most of our migration needs whenever we take a site from a local build to a development server or from a development server to a live site. Scheduled backups have never been easier, and BackBuddy doesn’t place any limit on how many you can have. On the development side, BackupBuddy removes a lot of the grunt work that used to be associated with migrating sites, like finding and replacing all of the old development URLs with the correct ones for the live site.

All The Things…or Not

What good is a backup solution if it doesn’t backup EVERYTHING? BackupBuddy backs up your complete site, including the database, media files, themes, plugins and anything else part of your site, but it doesn’t force you to. Want to run multiple smaller backups of only certain parts of your site, you can. BackupBuddy provides granular control over what does and doesn’t get backed up.

Anywhere You Like

BackupBuddy gives you tons of options when it comes to choosing where you want your backups to reside. Letting your backups build up on your server can cause bloat, though the plugin lets you manage how many to keep before it starts deleting them. A better plan would be to have your backups located in a separate location, and BackupBuddy gives you lots of options when it comes to that, including popular cloud storage solutions like Google Drive and Dropbox.

In addition, in their last major update, iThemes introduced BackupBuddy Stash Live, an automatic real-time cloud-based backup solution which is free to anyone using the latest version (up to 1GB). BackupBuddy Stash Live tracks changes to your site as they occur, and then pushes them to storage right away. That storage is their own secure cloud solution which is specifically “designed to store WordPress backups”. This is an even bigger deal because it solves a conflict that GoDaddy recently created which stopped BackupBuddy from working properly. Stash Live also includes strong encryption and virus and malware scanning, and while that won’t replace the security plugin you should be using (and which we’ll cover in a future post), any extra security is good security.

So there you have it. BackupBuddy. It’s awesome. Want to make sure your WordPress site has the best backup solution around? Give the Solamar team a shout, we use BackupBuddy on every site we build.

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