3 Tips For Avoiding Burnout

man-93951_640Let’s face it, the life of an entrepreneur is not an easy one. Rest always ends up taking a back seat to the endless stream of problem-solving, brain-storming and good ol’-fashioned nose-grinding. But we are only human, and even the most robust of us will eventually crumble if deprived of moments of quietude and release.

That’s why, no matter how busy you might be, no matter how pressing the weight of your responsibilities, it is important to make time for yourself throughout your work-life to break away from it all, to find your relax. If you don’t, you’ll soon burn out.

Burnout is one of those buzz-words that has lost a little of it’s meaning through overuse, but as we define it, it’s more than simply being tired or stressed. Burnout is a combination of physical, mental and emotional exhaustion that builds up over time, and is much harder to bounce back from than simple tiredness. You can’t cure burnout with a cup of coffee, it’s too insidious for that. But you can cure it, over time, if you’re willing to slow down just a little and do some thinking in advance about how you work and what your body and brain need. Stay tuned, and we’ll drop a few helpful hints on you!

Stay Social

Many of us work from home, especially as the distributed office becomes more popular, and while the benefits of this setup are obvious (working in your bathrobe comes to mind), one of the major pitfalls of working this way is the loss of interpersonal relationships. Though the innocuous water-cooler chat office-workers engage in may not seem like such a big loss, it’s exactly those kinds of random discussions which lead to the feeling of community which working from home lacks. One thing you can do to avoid this is to regularly take your work to a public place like a coffeehouse, where you can rub elbows with other folks. Even if it’s just a nod and smile, it can go a long way to making you feel connected to a world that exists outside your own domain.

Even if you don’t work alone or from home, staying social is still important. If you are leading a team of people, they will follow the example you set when it comes to work-load. Make sure to schedule non-work activities where you can hang-out and enjoy each other’s company. It’ll be good for you and good for them!

Stay Healthy

Your body is a complex machine, and it functions more smoothly if you keep it well-maintained. Don’t get up, throw a cup of coffee down your gullet and expect to be doing very well once you get a few hours into the day. Give your body the fuel it needs to perform, and you’ll find you are much more able to respond to anything the work-day can throw at you.

Don’t allow yourself to work for marathon sessions without giving yourself small breaks. Get up, walk around, go outside and let the sun shine on your face. Whatever works for you, but make sure to break up larger projects into chunks, and then give yourself a break between them. This is especially true if you sit in a chair all day. Give your back a break!

Stay Organized

When the work is coming in fast and furious, it can be easy to just focus in on the things directly in front of your face that need handling immediately, but the discombobulated mess you’ll become after working this way for any length of time is a surefire recipe for burnout. Instead, give yourself time before you dive in to get ready.

Sure, this prep-time should include an overview of what you need to accomplish for the day, but it should also include a morning routine that is all about you. Give yourself time to transition into the day, whatever that means for you. Once you establish a routine, it’ll be easy to make sure you get a little me-time before the work begins, no matter how pressing that work might be.

Here at Solamar, we try to make sure that everyone is working on their own terms, in ways that make them happy and productive. Want to work with a team that loves what they do? Give Solamar a shout, we’re happy to be here!

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