8 Reasons Our Clients Love WordPress

clients heart wordpressThere are many content management (CM) platforms available in 2016. Yet here at Solamar, we continue to use (and love!) WordPress.

As we said in a recent post, “While there are comparable offerings on the table, none of them hit all of the buttons that WordPress does when it comes to being a supple development tool, an easy system for clients to understand with a robust and supportive user community.”

Best of all, our clients LOVE WordPress, as well! Here are 8  great reasons why they adore this amazing CM platform:

  1. It’s exceptionally easy to use
    When we’re showing clients how to use WordPress for the first time, they are absolutely amazed at how easy it is to make changes to their website. Within minutes they can update text, add a new blog post, switch out images, and add new users. When I learned to used WordPress, I was astonished at how straightforward it is to use, even by a novice like me. Previously, I had worked at a company using another platform that was very difficult (employees practically needed programming degrees to make even the simplest changes). So you can understand my surprise and delight at using WordPress.
  2. It’s cost and time effective
    Clients love the fact that they don’t have to call us to make edits to their site. Who wants to wait a full day, or a full weekend, for someone to make changes? The fact that customers can edit their site as needed, at their convenience, saves a ton of time and money. They are not paying web developers to make edits every time.
  3. It’s accessible from anywhere in the world
    Clients enjoy the fact that they can access their WordPress website from everywhere they have Internet access. If a client is on vacation in Panama and wants to post a blog or in Norway on business and needs to update the phone number on their website, they can make those updates from any Internet-accessible computer. Pretty cool, and super convenient, right?
  4. It’s lets clients add custom content, like videos, movies, and podcasts
    Because WordPress is a development platform, we can build extremely complex sites, not just static “brochure” sites that only display content. That means movies, videos, podcasts, and much more.
  5. It’s FREE
    That’s right, free! Clients love FREE. As we mentioned in another post, “WordPress always has been and most likely always will be available to anyone, anywhere for nothing. You don’t pay to download, install, use or update it. It’s open-source, meaning the code-base is there for anyone to pour through, correct or adapt. In addition to the base WordPress install being free, WordPress also has an astonishing number of free themes and plugins available.”

  6. It has tons of themes and plugins to add
    Because WordPress has a huge community producing content for it, there are themes to fit almost any desired layout/style, and plugins to accomplish almost anything, from integrating your website with various social networks and services to adding in custom e-commerce solutions and membership programs or even an appointment calendar.
  7. It’s modular
    WordPress can be shaped into anything. If you have something you’d like your website to do, WordPress can do it. Whether it means installing a plugin or hacking the theme manually, any vision can be realized (though not all additions are capable by the user, some things require a savvy developer like Solamar to accomplish).
  8. It’s an awesome SEO tool
    WordPress takes care of 80-90 percent of the mechanics of SEO for clients, according to Google’s webspam team. With Solamar’s custom themes for WordPress, sites are optimized for search engines. This means that the sites we design and set up on WordPress make it easy for the search engines to crawl through and discover a client’s content. That’s pretty darn good!

Our clients love WordPress, and now you know why. Want to get in on all the love with a website that fits you like a glove? Contact the experts here at Solamar.

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