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9 Surprising Facts and Stats About WordPress

wordpressI love trivia and obscure tidbits of information. I remember obscure little details and cite them ad nauseam, which usually makes me a lot of “fun” to talk to at a gathering.  But, sometimes these facts and stats are really interesting and share worthy, especially when they’re uncommon (or little known) points about common things we use every day, like WordPress, by far the most prominent content management system (CMS) out there.

Whether or not you think you already know WordPress, think again. These nine WordPress usage facts and statistics may well give you pause for thought:

  1. Just 13 short years of existence
    Hard to believe, but it’s only been 13 years since WordPress was released in May 2003. Just over a decade young, WordPress has risen to superstardom. Little known fact: It was the brainchild of Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little.
  2. Over 76.5 million websites use WordPress
    The mind-numbing number of sites on WordPress, last updated a couple of years ago, is somewhere just under one hundred million and is translated into over 73 languages worldwide, with new language translations being added all the time.
  3. Nearly 25% of U.S. registered domains are on WordPress
    Out of every 100 of domains in the U.S., almost a quarter of them run on WordPress. Considering that an average of 120,000 domains are registered worldwide per day, it’s safe to say that WordPress is growing by leaps and bounds.
  4. WordPress powers some of the biggest brands
    Today, it is not only used in small to medium sized organizations, but also brands like CNN, The Wall Street Journal, McDonald’s, Forbes, Best Buy, eBay, XEROX, UPS, Coca-Cola, Sony and much more use WordPress as a main platform for their online presence.
  5. WordPress has evolved into the most used CMS
    Initially developed to be a new and innovative way of writing blogs, WordPress is an open source software for both blogs and a dynamic content management system.
  6. WordPress is free
    It is 100% open source software and is distributed under the license called GNU (general public license), which means the software is distributed for free. After you download it at wordpress.org, you are allowed to view the source code and even modify it under certain conditions.
  7. WordPress has helped popularize the “hamburger” menu
    If you’ve been seeing three little horizontal lines at the upper right corner of WordPress websites, you’re not alone. While some criticize the use of this pattern, its widespread use makes it easily recognizable. Users know to just click on it to open the site menu.
  8. WordPress Trademark is owned by WordPress Foundation
    Contrary to popular belief, WordPress trademark is owned and overseen by WordPress Foundation, an umbrella enterprise that supports WordPress.org since 2010. Jason Santa Maria designed the famous W logo as early as 2005. Jason is a famous designer and speaker from New York with a focus on Typography.
  9. WordPress is available for all popular mobile operating systems
    This includes Android, iOS (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad), Windows Phone, WebOS, and even BlackBerry. Want to know more about mobile web design? Check out our recent post on the subject.

The proof is in the facts and stats. Hands down, Word Press is just the best platform there is.

At Solamar, we love WordPress. We’ve tried other platforms, and we honestly believe that WordPress really does beat them all. It’s our go-to CMS.

When you’re looking for a sleek, functional and easy-to-use new or upgraded website, talk to Solamar. Our experts help you with the content, the design, the development, and the management.  That’s a fact you can count on!