WordPress Plugins We Love: iThemes Security

ithemes-securityOne of the reasons we love WordPress so much is the vast number of plugins it has available to extend the built-in functionality. But since there are over 40,000 plugins available in the repository, we thought it would be fun to help you sort through the pile by recommending a few of our favorites. These will be plugins we use all the time, have thoroughly tested and highly suggest using if you are looking for what they offer.

Next up on our tour through awesome WordPress plugins we love — iThemes Security! Made by the same people who make BackupBuddy, the first plugin we recommended, iThemes Security is the go-to security plugin for WordPress.

No matter what you think, you do need a security plugin. WordPress is awesome, but out of the box it isn’t the most secure platform. In a world where hacks against all sizes of websites get more and more common, security must be high on your list of priorities. The good news is that, like all things WordPress, the solution is easy! While there are a number of security-related plugins available that all claim to patch up WordPress security, iThemes Security is the clear winner. Why is it so great? Stick around, and we’ll sneak you the answer.

The Features!

iThemes Security does so, so many things. Brute Force protection, 404 detection, bad-user blacklisting, strong password enforcement, database backups, email notification, online file comparison and more, more, more! If you want your security plugin to do something, iThemes Security probably does it, especially if you shell out for the PRO version, which adds Google reCAPTCHA integration, two-factor authorization, user action logging and a bunch of other stuff.

Easy, Peasy, One-Two-Threesy

Did that last string of techno-jargon make you queasy? One of the reasons people shy away from trying to solve their security problems is that for the uninitiated, it can all seem highly complex and difficult to understand. iThemes Security makes hardening a WordPress install much easier for the technically squeamish by providing them with easy 1-click security options and clear explanations of what each option will accomplish. It also ranks the fixes you can apply in order of priority so that you get a clear idea of which problems need solving immediately.

You Can Dig Deeper

While iThemes Security does make things much easier for the layman, it doesn’t pull any punches when providing a toolset for power-users. Want to change your database prefixes or obscure your wp-content folder? iThemes Security has you covered. While some security solutions will still need to be done manually (like editing the .htaccess file), this plugin automates and makes easier many of the tasks we repeat each time we need to make a WordPress installation secure.

It’s (Mostly) Free!

While iThemes Security’s paid PRO version adds some extra functionality (as well as a real support option), the FREE version is very robust, and still worth it, especially if the PRO version is out of your price-range. If you don’t have a security plugin installed on your WordPress site, then you should go out and install this one immediately. You’ll be glad you did.

Want to make sure your WordPress security is air-tight? Give the tech-team at Solamar a shout and we’ll turn your site into a fortress.

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