What’s Hot In Web Design — May 2016 Edition

Since the fickle fads that govern the design world’s sensibilities are constantly shifting, we find it useful to check in every once and a while and see what’s new, what still works and what has gone the way of the Dodo. Let’s jump right in!

Flat Design Still Rules

accountingrx-fullThe original shift towards flat design was in part caused by our collective shift into the mobile web-space, where vector-based graphics (many of which are flat-style) were able to deliver much speedier load times than traditional images. Given that our reliance on mobile devices has only grown, it only makes sense that flat design still reigns. Plus, it’s just so darn attractive! You’ll see flat design used everywhere, from simple icons to logos to large complex graphics. The solid colors of flat-design recall the bold palate of children’s animation, lending a light-hearted air to the graphics, which in turn can create a welcoming atmosphere wherever they are used.

Big Ol’ Photos

body-mind-screenLarge, sumptuous photography still packs a major marketing punch, and web designers are using it to it’s full effect. You’re still likely to see full screen images used at the very top of home pages, providing a first impression that sticks. In addition to full-screen images, we’re also beginning to see a move towards more “magazine-style” layouts, with interesting crops, and close-up shots. The technology behind web-design is constantly evolving too, allowing web-designers to take advantage of photo layouts that would have been previously difficult or impossible.

Bold, Bright Colors

Screenshot 2016-01-20 10.28.19The popularity of bright colors is also tied to the rise in flat design, which favors them, but they have certainly jumped outside that realm and become incorporated into almost every aspect of web design. Current trends favor juxtaposing one or two bright colors against muted backgrounds, so that they really pop out from your screen. Using color in this way works very well for highlighting opt-in buttons and other web elements you want to draw the visitors eye to.

All Together, Now!

dog harmonyThe really savvy site designs we’re seeing these days are incorporating all three of the previous elements together at the same time. Brightly colored, flat logos, icons and graphics over large but muted photography that works harmoniously with the brighter content laid over it.

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