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WordPress Plugins We Love: All in One SEO PAck

all-in-one-seoOne of the reasons we love WordPress so much is the vast number of plugins it has available to extend the built-in functionality. But since there are over 40,000 plugins available in the repository, we thought it would be fun to help you sort through the pile by recommending a few of our favorites. These will be plugins we use all the time, have thoroughly tested and highly suggest using if you are looking for what they offer.

As we mentioned in a recent post, WordPress is an awesome Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tool right out of the box, but with a little help, it can do so much more! One of the best ways to make that happen is to install a top-of-class SEO plugin to extend the built-in functionality. While there are many plugins that claim to power-up your SEO, a few stand above the rest by providing a wide array of tools, are easy to use, and don’t impact the performance of your site. Of these, we have found All in One SEO Pack to be the best of the breed.

All in One SEO was created by Michael Torbert and Steve Mortiboy in 2007 and is one of the more venerable plugins out there. According to their site, it is the most downloaded plugin for WordPress (with almost 30-million downloads), and for good reason! So what makes this plugin so great? Stick around, and we’ll drop some truth on you.

Get Your Settings Together

All in One SEO groups all of it’s main settings on one page, allowing you to get an overview of your entire SEO setup without having to navigate around to a bunch of different pages. Though this can be daunting for users who don’t have a good grasp of SEO, each setting comes with an explanation of what it accomplishes, which can be toggled into view if you need a little more info.

Individual Post Options

All in One SEO adds additional sections below the main text editor on each post and page that allow you to alter much of each posts SEO on a granular, post-by-post level. One of the best features of this section the visual display of how your search snippet will display with your altered information. There’s lot’s of stuff you can do in this section, including setting a post or page to “no-index”, exclude it from your site-map and more.

Social Media Integration

By default, All in One SEO doesn’t have it’s social media features turned on, so you’ll need to do so in it’s Feature Manager if you want to take advantage. There are a host of different networks and services you can connect to, including Facebook’s Open Graph, which will let you set default images for posts, allowing you finer control of how your content appears when shared by other people. You can also customize these options on a single post or page basis, just like the main SEO settings.

And more!!!

There are many, many more things All in One SEO can do for you that we’re not mention here, including XML sitemap and robots.txt generators, editors for robot.txt and .htaccess, a performance optimizer, import/export settings and so much more. Some of these additional features are locked behind a PRO version which costs $39 plus $10 a month, but even without those, All in One SEO has proven itself to be on of the best SEO plugins you can find.

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