7 Tips for Advertising on Pinterest

pinterestIf you’re a Pinterest user, you may have noticed lately that Pinterest ads are showing up in your feed. They appear alongside the pins of the accounts you follow and the pins Pinterest suggests for you. You’ll recognize them by the note at the bottom that simply states, “Promoted by” and the business name.

With the right strategy and a reasonable budget, your promoted pins could gain this valuable exposure too. As with all social advertising, the trick is getting the right promoted pins in front of the right people to drive more traffic and greater conversions.

The good news is, Pinterest has been working to develop a platform that is user-friendly for small business advertisers to help them create better results. As most of Pinterest’s content is generated by businesses, the social media company recognizes the potential benefit of making tools available that allow more businesses to see greater return on the time and effort they are investing in the platform.

Pinterest ad campaigns allow advertisers to target specific interests and keywords. Pinterest users tend to use the platform to seek out content specific to their interests, particularly things that they may potentially buy. People often use Pinterest as a tool to research and plan for future purchases, which is something advertisers can tap into, especially as part of a lead generation strategy.

Here are 6 quick tips to get started with Pinterest ads:

Know your ideal customer or client

No different from all smart marketing, a successful Pinterest ad campaign begins with knowing your ideal customer or client. At the most basic level, Pinterest enables you to target audience demographics based on language, gender, and location. You’re also able to choose from a list of more than 400 interests and include up to 150 keywords. The more you know about the audience, the better you’re able to pinpoint and target their needs and desires. Knowing your ideal audience well will enable you to be savvy about selecting the right targeted interests and keywords, including related interests that are not directly associated with your product and service.

Create appealing visual content.

Pinterest is, of course, primarily a visual platform. So obviously the images in your promoted pins campaigns should be top notch. Use high-quality photographs that look as if they could’ve been pulled from a magazine. Include professional-looking graphics with eye-catching colors, artwork, and typography. Infographics tend to do well, and longer pins are also still performing well (for example: 735px X 1,000 px), but consider adding a variety of types and sizes of pins to your boards and experiment with the visual content of your campaigns to see what works best for your brand.

Add a compelling description

Your description needs to include a call to action that encourages a specific desired user behavior. The wording on your Pin shouldn’t be salesy, but rather conversational, like a friend enthusiastically recommending a great resource. If your goal is to get website traffic, say something that compels the user to click to the website to register, grab a download, or see more items like it. If your goal is to get more engagement, say something like, “save this pin for later.”

Determine your goal

When you create a campaign for your promoted pins, you have the option to choose one of two types of campaign goals. One option is to boost engagement, which will charge you each time someone clicks, repins/saves, or views a closeup. Keep in mind that engagement tends to be more valuable on Pinterest than other social media platforms, because people use Pinterest to plan–engagement is considered an act of intent to potentially use later. People who repin and closeup are more than twice as likely to opt in to your list or make a purchase down the road, according to Pinterest data. The other option is to send traffic to your website, so you’re charged each time someone clicks through to your website.

Choose a competitive bid

Once you’ve selected a goal, be sure to choose a competitive bid. Consider what each action is worth to you based on your overall goals, potential ROI, and your budget. Then Pinterest’s campaign tools will allow you to review your bid against what other advertisers are bidding for the same action. What’s it worth to you to get more visitors saving your pins and raising awareness? What’s it worth to you to drive more traffic to your website?

Think longer term

An added benefit of Pinterest advertising is that once you’ve promoted a pin, that pin is likely to continue to drive traffic to your website long after you’ve paid for the exposure. If someone sees that pin, likes it, and saves it to one of their boards, the pin remains there for additional organic exposure. When someone comes along later to browse that board, that person will also see your pin. In fact, according to Pinterest, advertisers who promote a pin one month enjoy a 20% increase in unpaid clicks the following month. Unlike other social media platforms, someone is likely to return to a pin months or even years later to possibly buy a product or service.

Track and adjust accordingly

As with any campaign, keep a close watch on your Pinterest campaign activity. You can track actions, such as views, closeups, clicks, and repins/saves; and you can also track conversions, such as sign ups or sales on your website, using a conversion tag (a bit of code similar to a Facebook pixel). You have the option to edit settings on pins that are actively being converted or that have already been promoted. Use this feature to experiment, test, and improve your promoted pin success rate. Again, keep in mind that you want to think longer term than a short campaign, so set your “attribution window” to a longer time period.

Whether you want to raise awareness for your brand and business, capture audience intent and boost engagement with your content, or drive more traffic to your website, adding Pinterest advertising to your marketing mix could be a road worth exploring.

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