5 Lead Magnet Ideas You Might Not Have Considered

Vector business concept in flat styleThe key to success in marketing your business online requires the ability to attract high-quality leads. The more ideal clients or customers you add to your email list, the more likely you’ll convert people who might have just been website browsers into buyers.

So, your list can be a valuable asset, but it won’t grow magically by itself. Website visitors won’t automatically opt in; and now, more than ever, they’re becoming increasingly weary and reluctant to provide their contact information. The online marketplace has become saturated with low-value lead magnets, so people are more likely to see your free offers as potential junk.

The content, not the format, of the lead magnet is what really matters. But it needs to be something irresistible, with a high perceived value–something that provides a specific solution to a specific problem, and it needs to give a sense of instant gratification.

But if you really want to stand out in the cluttered online world, you may be wondering what kind of lead magnet you can offer besides the typical ebook or free report. Our clients often wonder what else they can do to build their list beyond what’s come to be expected.

Here are 5 lead magnet ideas you might not have considered:

A Different Version of Existing Content

If you’re already creating content that your audience finds valuable, consider providing that same content in a different format in exchange for their contact information. For example, it might be a particularly useful blog that you can offer as a PDF download, slide deck, audio, or video. People like to consume content in various ways; so while you’ve already demonstrated that the content is something they want, now you’re making it more convenient or easily consumable for them.

Content Upgrade

A traditional lead magnet is broadly relevant to the overall mission of your business, but a content upgrade is a lead magnet that’s relevant to the specific content that the reader is consuming at the time. So, for example, you would write a blog and add a unique opt-in offer within the context of that blog that goes even deeper or provides more insight than what they’re reading on the website–upgraded information. The trick here is to make them feel like they’d be missing out on something crucial if they don’t enter their email to get the missing piece.

Private Insider’s Group

Building a community through online groups is an effective way to boost your marketing efforts. Marketers are finding success in establishing trust and strengthening relationships with their network and potential buyers through leading groups on platforms, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, G+, and Slack. You can have an opt-in offer on your website that invites your audience into your group. People may find your group directly other ways, and that’s okay too; but using a group as a lead magnet is something you might not have considered.

Resource Vault/Library

If you’ve been in business for awhile, there’s a good chance you’ve created a wealth of content over the years that’s still valuable. Maybe you’ve retired or repackaged old courses or programs. Maybe there’s material you’ve developed for your team or clients. Perhaps you have carefully curated lists of vetted tools or vendors. Why not attract leads by offering free access to your resource vault or library through a simple membership site; and within this approach, you can also offer paid upgraded access to even more material.

Google Doc

How’s this for simple? Can you think of a specific type of information your readers would want access to — particularly something that takes time and effort to research or keep your knowledge up to date. Maybe you already track certain trends, stay in-the-know about a particular technology, tool, or industry. Perhaps it’s a list of contact information or resources. All you have to do is keep the information organized and updated in a Google doc, let readers know it’s available on your website, and ask for contact information in exchange for the link.

Quiz or Self-Assessment

People love to learn about themselves, and if you can provide valuable insight into a challenge they’re experiencing, their natural curiosity can make this type of lead magnet irresistible. You can have your quiz or assessment custom built, use a plug-in tool, or it can be a simple PDF; but the point is, this offer needs to be something specific, useful, and relevant to your business offerings.

Never forget that your lead magnet should always answer the question, “what’s in it for me?” from your audience’s perspective. Nobody wants your free stuff, just because you want to promote it to them and because you think it’s clever.

Need help brainstorming or creating your next lead magnet? Give the team at Solamar a shout.

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