7 Tips for Advertising on Twitter

Depositphotos_24842955_s-2015Have you ever considered advertising your small business on Twitter? Twitter advertising doesn’t get as much buzz as Facebook advertising, but it’s an option you may want to add to your marketing mix.

Twitter has more than 310 million active monthly users, and its advertising platform provides powerful targeting capabilities that can get your business in front of the right people. You’ll find that the Twitter ad space is not quite as saturated as Google or Facebook ads, so it tends to be less competitive and it gives you a greater opportunity to stand out from the crowd.

Here are 7 tips for advertising successfully on Twitter:

Set a Smart Budget

Decide how much each potential action or conversion is worth to you and set your budget accordingly. Twitter advertising requires that you set a maximum budget to cap the amount of money you’ll spend each day. You also have the option to set a total budget for the length of the campaign, which it will stop it from running once this total has been reached.

Use your budget wisely by paying careful attention to some additional spending options. For example, you can further control your daily budget pacing by setting your ad to run by standard delivery or accelerated delivery. Standard delivery will show ads evenly spaced throughout the day, and accelerated delivery will show your ads as often as possible during a time-sensitive run. In the pricing settings, you can choose an automatic bid or maximum bid. The automatic bid will optimize your ad to get the best possible results for the lowest price within your budget, and the maximum bid option, when available, gives you more control over how your ad spend is allocated.

Target a Specific Audience

The best thing about digital advertising is that—unlike traditional mass media advertisements—you get to select specific audiences that are most likely to be interested in your offer. In addition to selecting demographics such as location and gender, Twitter advertising provides various options to ensure your ads get in front of the right people.

You can choose for your ads to be shown to people who search for or use certain keywords. You can target Twitter accounts so that your ad shows up in front of people who follow other users, such as competitors or brands who serve a similar market. Other options include targeting users with specific interest categories, users who watch certain television shows, who engage in particular offline and online behavior and characteristics, or who have expressed interest in certain events.

Target Tailored Audiences

Like Facebook, Twitter allows you to specifically target and retarget custom audiences, which they refer to as a “tailored audience.” If you have a database of contacts or you’re driving traffic to your website, use Twitter ads to show up in front of those people again to bring greater brand awareness, call attention to your specific campaign objectives, and increase conversions.

With Twitter advertising’s tailored audiences, you can upload your own list of email contacts, Twitter IDs, or mobile advertising IDs. You can even create a list of people to target using their twitter handles or phone numbers. You also have the option to add a snippet of code to your website to track visitors, buyers, and people who have opted in to your list, and then remarket your Twitter ads to target those specific users.

Set Up a Campaign Type That Fits Your Goals

Twitter provides six different options for advertising, and you should think carefully about which type of campaign will help you to best meet your goals. The types of twitter ads include Tweet engagements, Website clicks and conversions, App installs or app re-engagements, Followers, Leads on Twitter, and Video views (currently in Beta).

Select Tweet Engagements (e.g. retweets, favorites, and replies) if you are looking to create a buzz, reach a bigger audience, and encourage conversation. Choose Website Clicks and Conversions if you’re looking to drive traffic to your website for signups or purchases. If you have an app, get users to install or re-engage with it by using the App option. Go with Followers if you want to increase the number of people who are following you on Twitter and grow your community. Use the Leads on Twitter option to collect emails from users. If you want to get more people to watch your videos, Video Views lets you promote video content on their native video player.

Try the “Leads on Twitter” Option

If you’re going to give Twitter ads a try, take advantage of the Leads on Twitter option. Leads campaigns allow you to collect emails from people who are interested in your offer, without requiring them to leave Twitter and navigate to your landing page.

With a leads campaign, you can capture a user’s contact information quickly and securely with a few simple clicks. Once a person expands the tweet with a Lead Generation Card, they’ll see your offer, a call to action, and their pre-populated contact information. And it’s more likely that you’ll get a primary address that the person used to sign up for their Twitter account, rather than an email address they use to sign up for junk email.

Don’t Skimp on Creatives

Just because tweets are short doesn’t mean you should skimp on the time and attention you put into your Twitter ad creatives. Things move quickly on Twitter, so you better get their attention fast. Compelling ad content is what’s going to attract followers and get them engaged.

Use concise and impactful messaging and bold eye-catching imagery to catch attention and pique interest. Aim to be specifically relevant and engaging, and be sure to include a value proposition and call to action. Focus on how to make your ad matter to your audience and present your case in a blink a swipe.

Track, Tweak & Optimize

Once you launch your Twitter advertising campaign, now it’s your job to track it and make adjustments to it for strong performance. Keep your eye on your campaigns. Use your platform dashboard to track activity and conversions to see what’s working and what’s not, so you can refine each campaign for optimal results. Pay attention to the organic reach, or earned media, gained from users sharing your promotions to appreciate the full value of your paid reach.

The good news is, anything that’s not working can be tweaked, without spending too much money, and you can always gain valuable insight about your audience and customers along the way.

Need help cracking the code on Twitter advertising? Give the team at Solamar a shout, and we’d be happy to discuss your needs with you.

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