5 Marketing Automation Tips Any Business Can Use

Video marketing strategy line style illustrationIf your business isn’t automating some of your marketing efforts, there’s a good chance you’re missing out on practical and powerful opportunities to better connect with your leads and customers and generate more revenue for your company.

Marketing automation technology helps to free up time and enhance the efficacy of marketing activities by eliminating repetitive tasks and leveraging data to your advantage. You can put software to work for you in smart ways to boost the results of everything you do to promote your business.

If you’re willing to invest in robust tools, such as Infusionsoft, marketing automation technology offers even more sophisticated options than what I’ll cover here. However, with recent innovations within simple and affordable tools, such as MailChimp, these suggestions are too easy and accessible for any small business owner to overlook.

Here are 5 marketing automation tips any business can use:

Send a nurture sequence after initial opt-in

When someone opts in for your lead magnet, what happens next? If your business is like most, you send the freebie and then the next time the person hears from you is when you send out your next newsletter.

Instead, you should be sending the freebie or thank you email, and then follow up with a nurture campaign. Most email marketing tools now have the functionality to set up automated nurture sequences.

A new lead is eager to hear from you; so send the first follow-up email within 48 hours. Then consider emailing them as many as 4-6 more times over the next two weeks.

What should you be sending? Remember that the nurture content should specifically align with the subject of the lead magnet. Follow up by adding more value and by helping them get to know you. Consider what your goal is and address barriers to purchase or action. What do you want the user to do next–book a consult, buy a product? Your emails should guide them in the right direction.

Send a drip campaign after purchase

After a person buys something from you, they’re likely to be both excited and a bit anxious about their purchase. There’s always a chance buyer’s remorse will creep in, especially if they feel underappreciated as a customer. If someone buys something from you and then they don’t hear from you again, it can feel like you took their money and ran.

Set up an automated campaign to check in and see how they’re doing. If they’ve bought into an upcoming program or course, keep their excitement going. If it’s a digital or physical product, suggest additional related tips and insight. See to it that they think of you as a resource and that you care about them as a customer. This will keep them coming back for more and referring new business to you.

Send a reengagement campaign

Are there people who signed up for your email list, but they weren’t converted into buyers through your marketing funnel? Did they never buy from you? Are they not opening your emails? Do you have previous buyers who haven’t purchased anything from you in awhile?

Automation can help you keep inactive leads and existing customers engaged. Set up your system to send them an extra nudge or time-sensitive incentive to get them to take notice and take action again. You can actually ask, “do you still want to hear from us?” You can mention that you’ve noticed they aren’t opening your emails or that they haven’t bought anything lately. Do it in a fun and friendly way, and they may pick back up and tune back in.

Reward your best leads and customers

Marketing automation tools will allow you to segment your audience based on behavior. Lead scoring, for example, is a ranking mechanism built in to most software that quantifies how likely someone is to buy or act, based on opens, clicks, and other criteria you identify.

If someone is qualified as a hot lead, you can set your automation tool to send them personalized emails that encourage them to take the next step. The content of the emails can actually be customized to the user, triggered by specific actions they took–to provide more info about a product on a page they browsed, for example.

Schedule social media

Overall, the most effective social media marketing requires real-time engagement and an investment of your time and attention. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t automate some of your social sharing.

By using a tool, such as Hootsuite or Meet Edgar, you can schedule your posts, create cues of content to share, and continuously put out content at regular intervals to keep driving traffic to your website in an automated way. Automation tools allow you to update more frequently, keeping your profiles fresh and letting you get more mileage out of your efforts.

If you need help, putting marketing automation into practice to boost your traffic, conversions, and revenue, give the team at Solamar a shout.




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