How to Use Facebook Live in Your Small Business Marketing

facebook-liveBy now, we’ve all seen Facebook Live videos in our news feeds; and if you’re like many of our clients, you might be wondering how you can use this fun new feature in your small business marketing.

Facebook Live allows you to broadcast video in real-time and connect with your audience, directly from your smartphone, tablet, or a computer app–with just a few simple taps or clicks, you’re on!

Your video will show up live as your friends or followers scroll, and the recording will save automatically to your news feed, to be viewed or shared later.

Currently, Facebook Live is one of the most powerful ways to get your message seen and heard on the social media platform. As words and images are vying for everyone’s attention, live video is winning the competition with increased reach, visibility, and interaction.

To get started, you’ll want to entice people to watch. We recommend building anticipation by announcing exactly when you’ll be going live ahead of time. Be sure to add a captivating written description for the video before you go live–something that will give people a reason to stop scrolling and check you out.

Once you start rolling, you’ll be able to see who’s watching, so welcome your viewers. Encourage them to stay engaged, acknowledge commenters by name, and respond to their questions and remarks. If you want to gain more viewers, be willing to stay live for 10 minutes or longer, and keep it lively and interesting.

Adding Facebook Live to your marketing mix will help you connect with friends and followers where they’re already hanging out, real-time, in a fresh and exciting way.

Marketers are finding success in building relationships and boosting engagement. Here’s what’s working:

Share Useful Content

A Facebook Live video can be a quick, no-frills, simple way to consistently share valuable content with your audience, such as tips, tricks, and insights.

Firing up your camera and chatting about a topic live is far less time-consuming than sitting down to write a blog post or record, edit, and publish a podcast. The audience expects rough, uncut, and authentic footage; so although you should present yourself in the best light, nobody expects a polished production.

Answer Questions

Position yourself as a confident, knowledgeable, go-to resource. You can either answer questions that people sent you in advance or take questions live. Previously asked questions might come from blog or social media comments, questions people submit via email, or frequently asked questions that you encounter in your business.

If you’re going to take questions live, make it an event and be sure to announce a specific topic that you want to cover, by saying something like, “In 15 minutes, at 3:00 Eastern, I’m hosting a Facebook Live to answer all of your questions about email marketing.”

Provide a Peek Behind the Scenes

We’re all curious creatures, and people love it when you pull back the curtain and provide a peek behind the scenes of your business. Give them a glimpse into the daily operations and processes you follow, show them what it really takes to run your company, let them see your office, or take them along while you’re on the go.

The purpose for taking them behind the scenes is to create a casual sense of intimacy so that they have the opportunity to begin to know, like, and trust you more.

Livestream Events

If your business hosts events, consider livestreaming the event or at least part of it. This will allow followers to feel like they’re part of the experience and let them know what they’re missing out on, so they’ll be sure to attend next time.

If you’re sponsoring, speaking, or presenting at an event, use a livestream to get more reach and leverage out of it. As a courtesy, check with the host to make sure you have permission first.

Conduct Interviews

Interview people that your audience will want to learn more about or learn from, such as influencers in your field, professionals with with expertise complementary to yours, or even your clients.

A good interview always reveals just as much about the interviewer as the interviewee, so use Facebook Live interviews to dive into some worthwhile topics, associate yourself with interesting people, show off your personality, and present yourself as relatable.

Go Live for Your Facebook Group

If you run a Facebook group for your business, you can use Facebook Live within the group to share content that you reserve especially for them and engage with group members.

An effective way to build trust and respect within your Facebook group is to create the sense that members are insiders. They should feel like they have more of a connection to you than people who are not part of the community–Facebook Live is a great tool to facilitate that.

If you’re camera shy, you might not think Facebook Live is for you; but why not give it a try and see if you like it? You might be surprised at how quickly you’ll grow comfortable and gain confidence from the feedback and engagement you get. Marketing is all about connecting with the people who need your products and services, so consider that they might love to see you go live.

Need help creating a Facebook Live marketing strategy? Give the team at Solamar a shout!

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