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6 Ways to Boost Your Business With Webinars

Online educationHosting a webinar is one of the most effective ways to communicate with your target audience and customers. If you aren’t using webinars yet in your business, you could be missing out on a lucrative opportunity to grow your reach, influence, and bottom line.

Webinars provide a platform to leverage your expertise and build rapport in much the same way that you can with speaking and in-person presentations. But the power of technology and ease of access allows you to save money, make efficient use of your time, and scale your effort and impact.

Here are 6 ways to boost your business with webinars:

1. Establish Authority

An information-rich webinar can help you create brand awareness as an authority in your market. Whether you are a personal brand or you’re promoting your company’s products and services, your potential clients and customers want to know they’re buying from a knowledgeable source. Webinars allow you to position yourself as an authority, demonstrate your expertise, and elevate your brand in the eyes of the people who matter most.

Host free webinars to get your name out there, create some buzz and interest, show what you have to offer, and demonstrate the benefits of hiring you or using your products.

2. Generate Leads

Smart marketers know the value of building an email list of interested prospects. Consider using webinars as a lead magnet by providing your presentation in exchange for contact information.

When using webinars to attract leads, your presentation should solve a specific pressing problem, so people in your target audience recognize the value they will receive and feel enthusiastic about signing up. Then follow up with an email nurture campaign to convert the leads that enter your webinar marketing funnel into future sales.

3. Pitch Offers

When selling a product, program, or service, you can use webinars to present your offer and make sales. Selling with webinars can be a convincing method to gain customers, because it gives you a chance to educate potential buyers about the offer, address concerns proactively, answer questions, and give a well-crafted and persuasive sales pitch.

To increase sales conversions from your webinar, include a sense of urgency or scarcity by including a limited-time offer or limited availability. The purpose of this is to encourage your buyers make a decision rather than sit on the fence, so be sure to do it in a way that maintains your brand’s integrity.

4. Joint Venture

Want to expand your reach and enhance your brand? Team up and host a webinar with other industry leaders, subject matter experts, and people who serve the same market. You can benefit by aligning yourself with thought leaders, influencers, and people who can share valuable nuggets of information for your audience.

You can do joint venture webinars as a list-building marketing activity or partner on something you’re offering for sale, such as a product, course, or joint service offering. When partnering with someone else to host a webinar, both parties should promote to their email lists and social media followers.

5. Retain Customers

Keeping the customers and clients you have is far less expensive than getting new buyers. With webinars, you can keep them happily on board and coming back for more. Use webinars to provide training that strengthens your status as a go-to resource, informs customers about new or innovative ways to engage your company, or pitch upsells and cross-sells.

Give your existing customers insider access to special knowledge and exclusive offers through webinars, and watch your sales soar.

6. Sell Your Webinars

If your business is built primarily on one-on-one consulting, coaching, or other service offerings, or you teach in-person seminars and workshops, consider hosting paid webinars as a one-to-many leveraged approach.

You can sell one-off classes taught by webinar, host webinars within membership subscriptions, or include webinars as one part of a more robust program. Getting paid for webinars can be a profitable additional stream of revenue to scale and grow.

Whether live or pre-recorded webinars have fast become a powerful tool to boost business. Looking for strategic support in using webinars in your business? Give us a shout!