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New Twitter and Pinterest Features Push All the Right Buttons

twitrestOver the last month or so, both Twitter and Pinterest have added buttons that make tapping into these social media sites faster and easier for businesses. On August 24, 2016, Twitter rolled out a new DM (direct message) button that allows visitors to send and receive private messages directly to and from a company, instead of having to post tweets for public view. Then on September 15th, Pinterest launched its “Promote” button that lets advertisers promote their pins in just seconds.

Wow! Think about all the speed and ease you get for your business tweets and pins at the touch of a button. Just click to promote Pinterest ad campaigns or to send and receive direct customer messages on Twitter.

Accept private messages from your Twitter page

“Direct messaging has become a big focus for the major social platforms—and with good reason,” says Social Media Today. In fact, messaging is now the number one way people are looking to connect with businesses. That’s why Twitter tested and rolled out this essential update.

Now, your customers can send private direct messages to you (instead of tweeting them) through your company’s Twitter account page. If your company supports customer profiles, “…a new “Message” button appears on the profile—taking over the full space where “Tweet to” and “Message” used to live side-by-side…making it easier to message a business from the web,” according to TechCrunch. (For details on how to use DM on Twitter, check out Twitter’s support page.)

The Next Web tells us this “…should make it a lot easier for businesses to offer another channel for customer support, and for public figures to accept private messages from their fans with less friction than before.” Businesses can also customize how the button works by adding text that will be prefilled when someone wants to DM you, and choose the language in which you want the button label to be displayed.

Some of the advantages of Twitter’s new embedded and private DM button are to:

  • Deliver a better solution for tracking and answering customer service issues
  • Allow companies to ask for sensitive information, if necessary
  • Reduce negative public sentiment
  • Solicit feedback on an idea, offer suggestions, conduct research, handle crowdsourcing, or even receiving contest entries
  • Get your messages directly to your customers, without bounces
  • Service customers faster than via email

Give your Pins a boost and reach more people fast

“Pinterest wants businesses of all sizes to know that if they can spare nine seconds, they can create campaigns via its new Promote button,” reports Adweek. The publication also says that all a business has to do is:

  1. Choose a Pin fromyour profile that you’d like to promote and click the new “Promote” button.
  2. Make sure the destination URL is for the page you want to drive traffic to.
  3. Add your daily budget. This is the most you’re willing to pay each day the ad is running.
  4. Click Promote to create your ad. It will go out for review, which may take up to one business day to complete.

Clocking in at under nine seconds, the Promoted Pin button makes it faster and easier for businesses of all sizes to go from viewing a Pin to promoting it across Pinterest.

You’ll only pay when someone clicks through to your website from your Promoted Pin. If you want to calculate your lifetime budget, multiply your daily budget by the duration of your campaign and set your campaign duration. Add any keywords you want to target. This helps Pinterest show your Promoted Pin in relevant search results, categories, and related Pin feeds. You can quickly bulk add keywords by copying and pasting a comma separated list of terms. If it’s your first time creating an ad, you’ll be prompted to set up your billing information.

Pinterest asserts that, “Businesses typically see a 100% increase in their web traffic within a week of launching their first campaign.” This social media site continues to say, “The most successful Pins are always helpful, beautiful and actionable. We’ve created a new quick reference to help you create great Pins quickly and easily, so you can spend less time setting up campaigns and more time running your business.”

Before you start a Pin Campaign, consider that the most successful campaigns are designed to:

  • Build awareness: Tell a story about your brand or campaign
  • Improve engagement: Inspire people to click for a close-up or save the idea
  • Increase clicks: Boost traffic to your website
  • Drive conversions: Turn Pinners into buyers

Want to button up your company’s Tweets and Pins? For help that’s right on the button,   give a shout out to the Solamar Team.