Writing a “Contact Us” Page That Connects

Contact us and blank application concept on green blackboardThere are some pages on your website that are viewed more than others, which makes them more important. Like the Contact Us page. No big surprise.

But, what does surprise me is how many people don’t use this obvious information to their advantage…to optimize that page to get people to connect with their organization. That’s why this is such an important area to focus on.

Your prospects and customers need your contact information, like a phone number or email address, to get in touch with you. Plus when it’s done well, “…an amazing contact page has the ability to entice visitors and convince them to either make a purchase or hire your services,” according to the Search Engine Journal.

Make it sound great

Of course, your entire website should have well written copy, but it’s particularly important (and often forgotten) on the contact page. Many sites consider the contact page as an after-thought. They throw in an address and phone number and call it a day. But you can do so much more to start building a relationship with people that view the page.

To attract and keep visitors you should use language that is action and value oriented. This means including a call to action (with an offer!) and information how visitors will benefit from you or your brand. This will help you set up further communication. Furthermore, keep the page short and to the point. People don’t want to spend a lot of time filling out forms.

Be sure contact details are current. “It sounds obvious, but having an out-of-date telephone number or email address could not only lose you a sale but might also send alarm bells ringing,” warns SEO consulting company moz.com.

A great example showing an offer on the contact page is this succinct, Solamar-created page for client AccountingRx, which features an offer for “Keeping Your Business Financially Healthy.”

Make it simple and functional

Keep the contact information short, sweet, and to the point so visitors can find what their looking for fast. Please take the time to double-check everything on the page. Having links that are broken or won’t send properly is just bad for business. If the email or phone number links are not working correctly, how can people communicate with you? That sorta’ defeats the purpose of the contact page.

Don’t ask for too much information up-front. It will discourage people from getting in touch with you.

And if people who want to work with you need to make an appointment, you can even include an online appointment-maker. Check out how easy it is to book an appointment with Solamar’s client, The Marriage Place.

Make it look terrific

Your design and visuals are a big part of your website and your brand. The contact page should look and feel as interesting as the rest of your site. Your contact us page’s design and style will be part of their initial impression. If you have a poorly designed contact page, people won’t be interested in dealing with you.

Show off your personality. If your audience is the casual, fun-loving crowd, consider a light-hearted, even comical tone for your contact us page. Whatever your brand, make your contact page brand-consistent. Make readers just SO excited to contact you now!

This contact page for Solamar client Kay White shows pictures, features an offer, and has brand-consistent copy that asks her potential clients, “Who’s driving the bus?”

Make it mobile-responsive

Since most of the web has gone mobile, make sure your contact page works on all mobile devices. Plus, it makes life easier if you have a physical location when people can access a map on the contact page to locate your place of business from their phones.

Make it link to social media accounts

Give visitors another way to engage with the business through your social media accounts, like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Google+, and LinkedIn.

Use this handy contact page checklist

It’s especially easy for you to make sure your contact page is doing a great job of connecting with prospects and customers. Simply include:

  • A sentence or two in a friendly, informative introductory blurb
  • Company name, actual business address, phone numbers (land line and cell), and email address
  • Skype username (especially important if you deal with clients outside the U.S.)
  • Email address
  • Hours of operation and/or appointment information
  • Map and directions (if people will be coming to your place of business)
  • Links to social media pages
  • Photographs of key contact people
  • Call to action with offer

Here’s the best tip of all! When you want a contact page (and an entire website!) that really connects to your target market, simply give a shout out to Solamar.

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