How to Warm Up Your Cold Email Lists

warm email listsYou started to grow your email lists with the best intentions. You heard email marketing is a profitable way to generate leads, convert prospects into customers, and grow your business. So you put an opt-in form on your website, inviting people to sign up for a free offer or to join your newsletter.

Visitors landed on your site, entered their name and email to download their freebie, and started hearing from you regularly. They were warming up to you.

But then you got busy. Your focus turned to running your business, serving your clients, and doing your work. And now the people on your email lists haven’t heard from you in awhile and have grown cold.

You want to reach back out to them, but you’re not sure what to say. Perhaps you’re a little nervous about what they will think and you feel awkward about popping back into their inbox. What if they don’t remember who you are? What if they don’t want to hear from you anymore?

If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone. It’s actually pretty common.

You might be considering tossing the email lists and starting over from scratch. But not so fast. If your list was actively opening your emails in the past, there’s a good chance you can reconnect with some of those people again and reignite their interest.

On the other hand, you might be wondering what the big deal is. If you send an email out of the blue and some people unsubscribe, you’d shrug and think to yourself, “don’t let the door hit you on the way out.” But there’s more to it than that, so it’s wise to be careful. Not only does emailing your list sporadically make you and your brand seem inconsistent, but it can cause technical problems for you as well.

If someone doesn’t recognize you or your messages are no longer welcome, they may flag it as spam. This can tarnish your reputation with your email service provider and negatively impact your deliverability rates. In other words, the people who are annoyed by your lack of proper email etiquette can make it difficult for your messages to reach the people who still want to hear from you.

Here’s how to warm up your email lists if they haven’t heard from you in awhile:

  • Re-introduce yourself. One of the biggest mistakes you can make is barging back into their inbox as if you never went missing, expecting them to remember who you are and how they got on your list. Assume they’ve forgotten all about you. Don’t apologize or make excuses; simply keep it short and upbeat. Fill them in on the positive side of what you’ve been up to and what’s coming down the pike.
  • Make a personal connection. Now’s not the time to sell. Use a conversational tone, and consider removing your company branding from the header. Don’t pitch some great new thing you want them to buy, announce a sale, or a offer a deal. If the reason you’re emailing again is because things have slowed down and you need to drum up business, be patient and work to rekindle their interest and trust first.
  • Come bearing gifts. They will know that you’re attempting to warm them up, but that’s okay if you’re providing something of value. Don’t just pop on their radar again with nothing new to share with them. It could be a new blog series, podcast, white paper, report, e-course, quiz, resource list, or no-pitch webinar. Be creative and make sure it’s super useful.
  • Have a plan. Before you send the first new email, have a plan for what comes next. Map out the topics, content, and schedule for your upcoming emails, and let them know what they can look forward to receiving in the coming weeks or months. The last thing you want to do is say “hello” and then fall off the face of the earth again, so plan to show up consistently from now on.
  • Ask them to reply. At the end of the email, in the P.S., ask them to hit reply to let you know they got the message or to answer a specific question. Not only will this provide you with feedback and help to create a connection, but it will also improve deliverability in the future, because it signals to the email providers that your emails are welcome.
  • Take it up a notch. Depending on your email marketing software, there may be some more sophisticated techniques you can use to re-engage your list. You may be able to send personalized segmented messages based on past behavior, remove people who didn’t open emails in the past, or create a campaign inviting them to opt-in to a specific new list.

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