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5 Tips For a Better Pre-Launch Page

pre-launch pageWhether you’re launching a new product or getting ready to reveal a new website, it’s often a good idea to put a pre-launch page in place. A good pre-launch page allows you to generate interest about what’s in store, capture emails from people who are excited about it, and get the jump on promotion before the final product is finished.

So what pieces make up a good pre-launch page? Stay tuned, and we’ll drop some tips on you.

Get Those Addresses

Number one on your priority list should be to add a way to collect email addresses from the people who are landing on you pre-launch page. You can’t rely on people to remember the launch date or other information related to your offering, so by gathering emails, you give yourself the ability to remind them of their interest at critical times (like launch time).

Even better, rather than just collect emails from interested folks, provide an opt-in for a free gift of some kind. This added incentive is sure to increase the number of emails you collect while providing added value to those who choose to give you their information.

Count It Down

Once you have a firm launch date, get a count-down timer up on your pre-launch page. Having a timer can create a palpable sense of excitement about your launch while providing people with information they need about how far away that launch is. Warning, do NOT do this if there is any wiggle room in your date. If your visitors discover inaccuracy in your timer, or if you change the date on them, it can erase a lot of the building buzz around your launch.

Link It Up

Once people have landed on your pre-launch page and dropped their email into your opt-in, there needs to be options for them to move on, or they’ll just bounce away into the wilds of the internet. By providing links to your social media pages and other relevant websites, you give them ways to continue exploring your company/brand. This can also be a good time to offer additional incentives for following/liking those pages.

Keep It Branded

Speaking of brands, make sure your pre-launch page reflects either the existing brand of the company or the soon-to-be-revealed brand of whatever you will be promoting at launch. If your pre-launch page branding does not conform to either of those things, it will only cause confusion later on down the line.

Stay Simple

Your pre-launch page is NOT the place to drop every word of your marketing copy on people. A cluttered or text-heavy design is more likely to turn people away than it is to get people interested. Keep the page simple, direct and engaging.

Follow these tips, and you can be sure your getting the best engagement you can. Want to make sure that pre-launch page is performing at peak efficiency? Give the design team at Solamar a shout!