3 Reasons To Hire A Web Design Pro

web design professionalLook, we get it. You’re super smart, capable and a quick learner. You probably built your own business from scratch, handling all sorts of complicated issues along the way. Instead of hiring a web design professional, why wouldn’t you build your own website from scratch too? It’d save you money, give you greater control over the finished product and you’d get to learn a little something along the way. Seems like a no-brainer, right?

Wrong! Your website is too important for it to be a learning project. There are many under-the-hood issues that neophytes often forget to consider before it’s too late, and they’re neck deep in building a site that won’t end up serving them very well.

What are those considerations? Stick around, and I’ll lay a few on you.

Time is Money

Let’s be clear, I’m not saying you aren’t capable of building a great website…eventually. I taught myself how to build websites, and now I’m a professional, but it took me years to get where I am. Do you really have that time? Probably not.

Your time and energy would be much better spent developing content for your website or promoting and running your business, rather than learning how to hand-craft code. Hiring a web design professional allows you to do the things only you can do, confident that your all-important website will truly shine.

An Eye For Design

These days, your average web visitor is pretty savvy when it comes to design. People see dozens, if not hundreds, of websites a day, and they now know a good one when they see it. Your website design not only needs to be beautiful, it also needs to stand out among the crowd.

A web design professional knows how to make that happen, and they won’t stop at just making it pretty and distinct. A good design pro also knows how their design will effect your visitors psychologically and how to weave a story around your brand, making sure it supports your business on multiple levels, not just on the visuals front.

I Have to do What Now?

Attractiveness is only the beginning of a good web design. A modern website also has search engine optimization, browser compatibility, mobile responsiveness, speed and security to contend with.

Part of being a web design professional is keeping up with these rapidly changing fields, so that your website looks good wherever it’s seen, surfaces in search results, loads fast and resists hackers. After all, even the most competently designed and built sites are worthless if no-one can find them, and if they look broken for a visitor or load slowly, they will bounce away from a site immediately. Not to mention the major damage that can be done to your business if your visitors are compromised by a hack.

Convinced yet? Then you should probably check out our post on questions you’ll want to ask prospective web design professionals when you approach them. Of course, here at Solamar we specialize in building beautifully designed and built websites that perform at the highest level. If that sounds like something you’d like, give our web design professionals a shout!

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