Six State-of-the-Art Lead Generation Ideas

lead generationThe typical lead generation process includes creating content that consumers are looking for, driving traffic to those content offers, and capturing leads using optimized calls-to-action and forms. From there, the lead can be supported, nurtured, and turned into a sale.

That’s why BOTH lead quality and quantity are so important…and why the entire process is so tough. But, with a little innovation and variety, you can turn your lead generation efforts into a lead generation machine that churns out qualified leads after leads after leads.

Here are a few tips to help fuel your lead machine.

Turn to your fans for referrals

“You have a long line of satisfied, happy clients that you’ve made a positive impression on by delivering excellent service and/or quality products. But have you considered that many of those customers would also be happy to help you with your marketing?” said a recent Solamar post. Simply send them an email asking them for referrals…or better yet, reward them you with a discount or a bonus for referring family, friends or associates. The fact is, leads that come from referrals convert faster, have low cost of acquisition, and have higher customer lifetime values than any other leads.

Listen to social media

Social listening tools, like BuzzSumo, Mention and Sprout Social, give smaller businesses like yours the ability to see who is talking about them and what is being said. This allows you to learn about your customers and what they’re looking for. Social listening also provides an opportunity to engage in conversations with your audience and respond to questions and issues as they arise. By staying on top of the conversation, you’ll be more in tune with what your peeps want and can deliver what they’re looking for.

Engage them through podcasts

A great way to generate new leads is by involving your audience with podcasts, as several Solamar clients have done with great success. (Ask us how!) Businesses and consumers alike are tapping into podcasting, and there is a ton of growth potential. What makes podcasting special is the fact that aside from streaming it, you can also download the content and play it anywhere. It’s a perfect opportunity to promote your business and get highly qualified leads.

Solve problems with a “Help” video

Video tutorials can solve a real problem for potential customers in a format that’s both entertaining and easily digestible. As video hosting and analytics company, Wistia says, “By placing valuable knowledge in your customers’ hands, you can spend way less time repeating explanations, and more time delving into deeper issues.” Plus, “Help” videos establish your business as an authority in your area.

Provide best practices for a challenging tactic

When you explore a marketing tactic in a blog post or ebook, you want to know what others are doing to have success with the same method. Compiling those best practices into a list is incredibly useful to the marketer looking to get started in a particular arena.

Install live chat

Many business owners assume that live chat is only good for websites that are attempting to generate ecommerce sales. Sure, answering pre-purchase questions can help save sales and chat operators can push consumers toward the sale—but every website can benefit from this simple tool. This is a relatively low-cost option that can produce noticeable results, as we have learned from our own first-hand experience on our Solamar website.

Turn to Solamar for cutting edge lead generation ideas. Talk to us to get more of the high quality leads you want to keep your lead generation machine running strong.

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