How to Keep Visitors On Your Website Longer

website visitorsAs a small business owner, your number one online marketing goal should be to convert website visitors into either customers or leads that will eventually become customers. The problem is, most people who land on your website don’t stick around long enough to convert.

A quick look at your Google Analytics dashboard will reveal data such as your bounce rate and Avg Time on Page. The bounce rate refers to a single-page session, meaning the visitor only landed on one page before clicking away. And Avg Time on Page gives you a general idea of the amount of time visitors are spending on your website.

If you have a high bounce rate and low time on page, there’s a good chance those numbers are affecting your bottom line.

Generally, the more time visitors spend on your site, the more likely they will be to consume your content, consider your offerings, and ultimately convert into a lead or a customer.

Here are 8 ways to keep visitors on your site longer.

Make Your Site Visually Appealing

The truth is looks matter. People make snap judgments about your website before they even read a word of text. If your site looks outdated, cluttered, or littered with poor design choices, people are going to click away. So keep colors and fonts congruent and use eye-catching imagery. Most importantly, don’t miss your opportunity to make a positive first impression with good, clean, visually appealing design.

Give a Clear Value Proposition

To keep visitors on your site, you have to grab their attention right away so they know that there’s a good reason for them to be there. Make sure they feel like they belong and that your site can provide the kind of value they’re seeking. Exactly what you do and who you help should be crystal clear. Once they know they’re in the right place, they will be more likely to stick around and become customers or leads.

Reduce page loading time

People are impatient. If your site takes longer than expected to load, visitors are going to give up and find another website that will load faster. To improve load times, choose a good host, make sure the code on your site is clean, use an effective caching plugin, check for plugins that could be slowing it down, and optimize your images. The Google developers tool will allow you to check your page speed and provide suggestions to improve it.

Create a Positive User Experience

To keep visitors on your site longer, create a positive user experience that is welcoming and intuitive, no matter what device they are using. If users can’t easily navigate your site, they’ll get lost, confused, or frustrated and leave. The main navigation should be simple and clear, internal links should help them find important content that’s relevant to their needs, and you should make it easy for them to search within the site. The better they move around your site, the longer they are likely to stick around and buy.

Tell Them What to Do

Guide visitors around your site by telling them where to go and what to do. Include clear calls to action throughout your website that prompt them to stick around and take action. You might suggest a related blog post, encourage them to comment or share, invite them to sign up for a free offer. Engage them and give the a reason to stay.

Make Content Scannable

Website visitors usually don’t read, they scan. To keep them on your site longer, you’ll need to make each page easily scannable. Big blocks of text seem so daunting that they drive people away. Instead, write short paragraphs with subheadings, bulleted lists, and plenty of white space.

Use Captivating Videos

Increasingly, video has become a popular way to keep visitors on your site longer. Video can be an effective way to showcase your products, solutions, and brand personality. Many people prefer watching over reading text, so an engaging video will keep them glued to their screens. It doesn’t matter if your video features someone speaking on camera, animations, or slides with voice overlay; make your videos captivating so viewers stick around longer.

Pop up Politely

Hate to see them go? Give them one more chance to stay with an exit-intent popup. An exit-intent popup is one of the most high-converting ways to capture leads on your website. While people tend to be more annoyed by popups that interrupt their user experience, an exit-intent popup isn’t triggered until the visitor takes an action to navigate away from the page. It serves as an extra reminder of the solutions you can provide and they’ll likely stick around just a little bit longer–long enough to become a lead that you would’ve otherwise lost.

Keeping visitors on your website longer not only boosts lead generation and sales for your existing traffic, it can also improve your SEO and attract even more traffic. Afterall, Google favors websites that that create a positive experience for their users.

If you need help making your website more sticky, give the team at Solamar a shout.

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