How Are You Still Not Using A Password Manager!!??

password managerA few years ago, we posted about the super, ultra, mega necessity of using a password manager. Since then, the world has become an even more dangerous place for us, cyber-attacks larger and more frequent, and the number of vulnerable access points in our lives more prevalent.

And yet I still run into people on a regular basis who don’t use one. Who are still using the same short probably-already-hacked password for every account that they own. So let’s try this again, shall we?! All together now, YOU NEED TO BE USING A PASSWORD MANAGER!!!!! Did I put enough exclamation points at the end of that to get my message across? I hope so.

You see, I want you to be safe. I want you to be happy. I want you to be snuggled up in a warm blanket of security and peace of mind. And unless you use a password manager, when it comes to your online security, you won’t be.

So let’s take another look at the available password managers out there worth choosing from, since things have changed and updated since the last post, and when we’re done you can all pinky swear that you’ll pick one and use it. K? K.


1Password was my favorite two years ago, still is, and remains the password manager that I use personally. It makes it easy to store new logins and passwords as you browse the web and create them, generate highly secure passwords for you to use, and then makes it easy to search and find those passwords when you need them. It also let’s you store other sensitive info like credit cards. It makes it easy to securely share those passwords with others if you need to, has a beautiful and intuitive interface and is available across all available platforms. They’ve done away with their pricing option that let you pay for it once and be done, so you’ll need one of their monthly plans, but they now also offer a free version which is pretty robust, so you can check it out before you commit.


DashLane is still awesome, and since 1Password has eliminated their “pay-once” pricing plan, DashLane’s pricing has become more competitive. It competes with 1Password on almost every front — features, attractiveness, security, but is a little hand-holdy and designed for people who might be uncomfortable getting to know new software. That might be what you’re looking for, but for me it got a little tiresome. It also includes a bunch of prompts for you to share the app with friends, which really rubs me the wrong way.


LastPass is the other password manager that made it into our previous post, and it’s still going strong. Instead of using a dedicated app, LastPass puts all of it’s functionality in a browser extension. It’s interface isn’t quite as pretty as 1Password, and isn’t as fully featured, but it still performs admirably at the core functions of storing your passwords safely for you to use anywhere. It’s now free to use on Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android (you had to pay for the mobile apps previously) but a premium subscription gets you offline access for mobile devices and a few other perks.


The cheekily (hehe) named KeePass ain’t pretty, that’s for sure, but it is open-source and free, which goes a long way. I kept it off the list previously, because it only supported Windows and didn’t sync between devices, but it syncs now, is available for MacOS and still has a number of unofficial iOS and Android versions contributed by the community. It’s regularly updated, and since it’s open-source, you can be sure that the code-base has been vetted by the developer community to make sure it’s airtight.

Ok, now it’s your turn! Take some time to click through and review the links above, take a few of the free versions for a test drive and settle on one that works for you. Then stick all of your passwords into it, and never look back! I promise that once you’ll do, not only will you be secure, but you’ll find that not having to worry about remembering passwords will be a great weight lifted from your shoulders.

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