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6 Tips for Great Email Newsletter Design

email newsletterEmail is still going strong as one of the best ways to reach your audience, and an email newsletter (ezine) is one of the best ways to engage that audience. On top of that, we now have an incredible pool of tools and services that have been created to assist the generation of attractive email newsletters.

So why is it that I still see horribly unattractive newsletters in my inbox all the time?! Just because someone has signed up for your newsletter and given you their precious email address doesn’t mean you can take them for granted! They may have decided to receive content from you, but if you don’t deliver something they actually want to read, they won’t.

Let’s look at a bunch of ways you can ensure that your email newsletter is good-looking and effective.

Keep It On-Brand

Your newsletter subscribers probably already know your brand, so one of the best things you can do is wrap your newsletter in that brand as well. That way, when their eyeballs hit your design, they’ll immediately feel the warm embrace of familiarity. Put your logo right up top, use the same color scheme and typography, and make sure any copy you write fits with your brand personality.

Design For Mobile

You can build a great email newsletter layout, but if it doesn’t respond to mobile screens, then it is pretty much useless. We now live in a world where more people own a mobile device than a desktop one, and people who own both spend more time on the mobile one. You need to make sure that those people can read what you send, and layouts that don’t respond to mobile are often shrunk down in their entirety to fit the mobile screen, making their text tiny and illegible. So, if you don’t make your email responsive, the likelihood that people are skipping it is pretty high.

Keep Your Layout Clean

Once you decide to move to a designed email newsletter, it can be easy to get excited and throw all sorts of stuff into the mix, but be careful! Too much is also a bad thing. People are busy, and they need to be able to parse the content of your newsletter easily. If your layout is too complicated or over-full, they’re more likely to just skip the whole thing. Make sure your newsletter’s structure is well-organized, with a clear hierarchy and plenty of white-space.

Don’t Be Too Verbose

Once again, people are busy! They don’t have time to read a novel about your new product offering, and they don’t want the entirety of your blog post in their inboxes either. Make sure the copy you create for your ezine is short and sweet. Use excerpts for blog posts and other long-form content you are linking to, and otherwise keep it snappy and engaging. You want to drive people from your newsletter to the places you want them to go, not keep them reading your newsletter for long periods of time.

Use Fantastic Images

Email may be about text, but email newsletters are a visual medium! One of the best ways to keep people reading all the way through to the end of your ezine is to hit them with stunning pictures. At the very least, use one in the header at the very top, to entice them to scroll down and take a look at the rest of what you are delivering. Be careful, though! Don’t go over board with too many images either, or you might start to look like spam.

Include A Clear Call to Action

As I mentioned earlier, you want to drive people from your newsletter to your other content, and the best way to do that is to include an attractive and compelling call to action. Use buttons instead of text-links and implement the tips I already mentioned about clear hierarchy, clean layout and attractive images, and you’re most of the way there.

Want an email newsletter that’s spiffy-looking and engages your audience? Give the design team at Solamar a shout, and we’ll whip one up for you!