6 Ways to Overcome Creative Block

creative blockWhatever creative endeavor you may be involved in, whether it be writing, painting, web design or any of the other myriad creative pursuits, inevitably you will run into a creative block.

If you’ve ever tried to exercise your artistic muscles, you probably know what I mean! You try and try to come up with a great idea, but no matter how hard you struggle, nothing good seems to come up. In fact, the more you struggle, the harder it seems to get.

So what do you do when such a block rears it’s ugly head? Try a few of these tips, and pretty soon you’ll fins yourself unstuck. Onward!

Start With The Bad

One of the best ways to overcome creative block is just to get started, no matter how much you dislike the thing you are starting with. Often you’ll find that just the act of beginning something can overcome the inertia you felt trying to come up with a worthy starting point. Don’t worry about failure, or producing something terrible. In the end, you’ll probably find that once you get moving, you’ll be able to refine whatever it is you’re working on into something you can be proud of.

Keep A Running List

Inspiration strikes us at the oddest times, it’s not something you can just turn on and off like a faucet. If you write down your good ideas as they come to you, then you’ll have a reservoir of captured imagination to go to when you need it. If your medium is more visual than literary, try keeping a digital scrapbook using Pinterest, Evernote or some other service that let’s you save images.

Give Yourself Limitations

A blank canvas, and all of the infinite possibilities it conjures, can be daunting. If you give yourself some rules or limitations within which to work, you narrow the scope of the possible into something a little more manageable, making it easier to choose a path forward. Giving yourself a deadline and sticking to it is one really good way to force limitations on an otherwise open-ended project.

Take A Break

A tired mind is an inefficient mind. Don’t force your overworked brain to come up with good ideas. Instead, walk away, take a breather and then return with fresh vision. Do something you find relaxing or enjoyable in the interim. You can even try getting our of your office or studio altogether, since a change of scenery can often shake you up enough to get going. You’ll find that once you give it a rest, your creativity will be bursting with new ideas (and make sure you capture them as they come, as I suggested earlier).

Borrow Someone Else’s Idea

I’m not suggesting you steal outright here, don’t do that! But if you’re blocked, go look at the work of people you admire and harvest inspiration from what you love best. You’ll often find avenues forward that you hadn’t considered and new techniques that open doors to whole new ways of working.

Put Some Tunes On

One of the great things about music is that you can enjoy it while you work on other things. If you’re creativity is dry, putting on music that excites or inspires you can stimulate your brain and get the artistic juices flowing again.

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