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Growing With a Client — A Case Study

One of the most rewarding client relationships you can have is one that grows and develops over time. Sure, there will always be clients that are in and out — they have a project, they accomplish said project and then they move on. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that! But here at Solamar, we’re not just about the work we do, we’re also about the relationships we cultivate. We love our peeps!

Which is why it’s so rewarding for us when a client decides to work with us over a longer period of time. We get the pleasure of seeing them grow, watching the effect our work has on their business and the success it produces. Nothing brings the joy like helping someone realize their dreams.

Take as a case in point our client Paul Sigafus. About five years ago (woah, 2012 feels like ages ago, how did that happen!) Paul came to us looking for a brand new website design for his counseling business Colorado Counseling Center, who provide therapy services for couples, individuals, and families.

The resulting design we created for him was focused on transforming his online presence with a warm and hope-inspiring look. It became one of the designs that clients we brought in later on down the road often pointed to as something they liked, and more importantly, it became a catalyst for growth in Paul’s business.

Encouraged by the results from his first Solamar experience, Paul brought us on as his support team, a role which we serve to this day, and in 2015 when he decided he wanted to build out his personal brand, he knew exactly where to come! Together we worked on designing and building him a clean, focused and blog-centric site that represented him well and gave him a home for his writings about faith, inspiration, spirituality and other topics not necessarily related to his counseling business.

Cut to 2017. Colorado Counseling Center has continued to grow, with multiple locations and a larger staff, and his brand needed to evolve along with his rapidly expanding business. Together, we decided to dive in deep and redevelop his brand and his message to fit the modern aesthetic he needed. We worked with him on a new color scheme, and a brand new website design which highlights the growing areas of his counseling biz utilizing a more up-to-date layout with clean lines, interesting angles and plenty of white-space.

What a ride it’s been, helping Paul grow and prosper over all these years! It really is one of the greatest feelings in the world when you know you’ve had a hand in lifting other people up to the heights they desire, while developing friendships that last. Here’s to you, Paul, and to whatever fun projects the future may hold! Whatever they are, we know they’ll be a blast to work on.