What’s Hot In Web Design — March 2018 Edition

It’s time for another installment in our recurring series about emerging trends in web design! These aren’t necessarily things we recommend for everyone, just a few interesting tidbits we’ve noticed while browsing around.

So, without further ado, here’s what’s hot in the web design world as of March 2018.

Image Text Masks

As the underlying tech that makes fun web layouts continues to grow, we gain access to previously unachievable looks. One of these we’re seeing a lot these days is using text to mask an image.

This is a reversal of the very common style of having solid-colored letters against an image background. Instead, the image fills the letters and the background is a solid color. Using images in this way makes them less dominant — providing texture to typography rather than filling the whitespace around it.

You can make this technique even more interesting by using a video instead of an image, giving the mask an even more dynamic look.

Dark vs White

This is actually two trends we’re seeing folded into one. The first is a move towards using white text against dark image backgrounds. That style has been around a long time in the web design world, but as we see it come back into favor, we’re also seeing a new twist — the use of video as a part of the dark background.

The second is the use of opaque white content boxes over an image. Done poorly, this can come off as a brutal throwback to early web design, but done properly it can be great for readability and help the eye flow natural between page elements. It’s important to make sure that your white box doesn’t obscure important parts of the image as it responds to different screen sizes, so make sure you finesse this layout for any device.

Vertical Splits

This is a trend that comes in and out of favor — and it’s back! Web design tends towards the horizontal division of content blocks, but especially in the hero section at the top of a page a vertical split can work wonders.

Splitting the hero vertically into two equal sections can double the amount of “above the fold” real-estate you have to work with, and works perfectly when you start to make the design responsive, since the two “split” sections can just stack on top of each other when width gets slim.

This trend can be especially useful if you are trying to provide alternate paths of action to your visitors. Letting the left and right sides of the split correspond to separate action paths can really reinforce the feeling of interactivity and choice you want to cultivate.

Logo Simplification

Especially among brands that are just establishing themselves, we’ve noticed a move to decrease the weight of the logo within the design.

Keeping the logo small and tucked into the upper lefthand corner allows these sites to jump right to the messaging, which often contains the “must-deliver” meat of what they’re about.

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