Who We Are

Whether it’s creating a killer brand, designing & developing a snazzy custom website, or deftly carrying out a six-figure product launch, our clients can kick back knowing our team will pour heart and soul into their business as if it were our own.


Solamar was founded in 2006 by Chelsea Berler as a creative solution for business owners who wanted marketing, design and administrative help without the overhead of “in-house” staff. Starting out as a completely virtual company, Solamar grew rapidly over the next few years and today we have over 20 design, marketing, copywriting, tech and administrative professionals from all over the United States ready to work on your projects. Solamar also has a main office location in Birmingham, Alabama, and a second location in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida.

Our Team

At Solamar, we believe in working with good people, and that means our clients and our team. We have pulled together a pool of talented, passionate and hardworking folks from across the nation, so that your brands get handled by creative and capable minds. Meet them now!

Chelsea Berler

Ben Kaplan

Corey Whitaker

Kari Harris

Monica Waugh-Benton

Lisa Bjornson

Sheila Stogol

Amanda Goldberg

Sam George

Jill Anderson

Amy Baggett

Emily Garman

William Bradford

Nicole Chapman




Our manifesto—what we live and breathe as an organization.


Good Times

See us in action! Yeah, we have a lot of fun doing what we love to do.