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Best Typography Practices for the Web

designBack in the day (circa 2007), web designers only had a handful of fonts we could use on our sites, as we were limited to fonts available on all user’s computers. These were fonts like Arial, Georgia, and Verdana. If we wanted to use anything fancier, we had to put those fonts in an image.

Today, the sky is the limit. We can use web fonts and there are millions to choose from! Your favorite font is probably available as a web font. You just need to be sure to grab the correct license and format to use it on the web, and you’re golden.

Of course, just like in any type of design, we want to be careful to make smart choices about the fonts we use on our websites so our readers have the best experience possible. Here are 5 tips for awesome typography on your website: Continue reading

What’s Hot and What’s Not in Website Design

Web design trends are constantly changing. What’s hip and cool one day can quickly become passé, and if you’re not careful, your site can become off-putting to your visitors. In addition, technological advances often force changes in the way designers work, and a site design that doesn’t accomodate the new way of doing things can become difficult to use, or even look broken. That’s why it’s important to make sure that you keep abreast of which new web design trends are hot and which ones have gone the way of the dodo. Here’s a few things you should be paying particular attention to:

What’s Hot

Flat Design is all the rage.

flat-design-is-all-the-rageThe latest design trend on the web (spurred by Apple, Google and Microsoft, among others) is using flat design. Instead of gradients and other shiny effects, the focus is on simplicity with bright, bold, large blocks of color. Web designers are leaving out textures, patterns and shadows in favor of a minimalist approach to icons, buttons and forms in their overall design aesthetic.

This is the opposite of Skeuomorphism, the practice of incorporating the real world look of an object into a design. Remember the old pre-iOS7 icons on the iPhone? They were glossier and had more texture, gradients and shadows. Now the icons are flat and super sleek. See the comparison. This is an attractive trend that I hope continues for a long time to come. Continue reading