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5 Storytelling Techniques to Make Your Content Marketing More Fun and Effective

Content marketing can be an effective strategy to build your authority and grow your business. But for your content marketing efforts to work, you’ll need to make sure the content is engaging, interesting, and compelling for your audience.

Content marketing is not just about churning out informative or entertaining articles; it’s about creating connection with other human beings that are your customers or potential customers. And one of the most potent ways to connect with other human beings is through the power of storytelling.

Stories have always been a fundamental way humans communicate and relate to one another. Starting in childhood, stories are central to how we learn about the world, convey our own thoughts, and form relationships.

As a marketer and business owner, effective storytelling enables you to create a deeper connection with your audience by giving them something they can relate to. People see themselves in stories, they empathize with stories, and stories are both meaningful memorable to them. If you want an engaged audience, you can use storytelling to let them know you understand them, to inspire them to take action, and to encourage a sense of loyalty.

The following storytelling techniques will help make your content more fun and effective: Continue reading

6 Tips to Improve Your Local SEO

Local SEOYour prospective customers are looking for local businesses like yours online. When they search for a business to meet their needs or desires, they enter terms into search engines and get a list of relevant results. Whether or not your business is among those results depends on your local SEO.

It’s true that Google knows where a user is when they search. So it will skew search results depending on where they’re located for their convenience. For example, if I’m in Atlanta, Georgia, and I search for a Bikram yoga studio, the results will show studios in Atlanta more prominently than studios in New York City.

But that doesn’t mean you can afford to ignore local factors when it comes to SEO. Local SEO is sometimes considered trickier than general SEO simply because additional factors are taken into consideration. The following tips will improve your local SEO and make a positive difference in driving traffic to your website. Continue reading

Do You Have a Blog Content Distribution Plan?

blog contentYou’re already creating great blog content as part of your content marketing strategy, but are you also effectively marketing that content?

If you’re putting in the effort to produce top-quality blog posts, don’t forget to also put a top-notch plan in place to ensure people actually see your posts. Although optimizing your blog content for search engines is an effective way to boost your website’s organic search traffic, you’re setting yourself up for disappointment if you rely solely on an organic “if you build it, they will come” approach to content marketing.

After you publish a blog post, video, or other piece of useful content, the next step is to launch a strategic content distribution plan. Your content distribution plan can simply be a checklist or template that outlines all of the additional activities you will do to share your content on various marketing channels available to you.

So, first you’ll want to make a list of all of the ways you can get your blog in front of your target audience and broader networks. Then, develop a simple framework that you can reference and follow each time you publish new content.

Examples of channels to cover in your blog content distribution plan include: Continue reading

How to Turn Happy Clients Into Your Best Marketing Resource

happy clientsIf you’ve been in business for any length of time, you’re good at what you do. So you have a long line of satisfied, happy clients that you’ve made a positive impression on by delivering excellent service or quality products. But have you considered that many of those customers would also be happy to help you with your marketing?

Your existing customer base is one of the most valuable marketing resources available to you; but if you’re like most business owners, you’re allowing this resource to go largely untapped.

Sure, you may get some occasional referrals. In fact, word-of-mouth marketing may have been the key to your success so far. But, chances are, you’re not taking full advantage of your customers as a marketing resource. Continue reading

What To Do With Info on Your Website’s Content Performance

content performanceAre you paying attention to your Google Analytics? If not, it’s time to start. And if you are paying attention to your Google Analytics, what are you doing with the information on your content performance?

Maybe you’re simply filing it under “good to know,” because you’re satisfied that people are actually visiting your website, reading your content, and your traffic is growing steadily. Perhaps you’re using what you find to learn more about your readers and potential customers. With a little digging, there’s a wealth of information at your fingertips.

But something that I’ve noticed small business owners often overlook is the opportunity to use content performance metrics as actionable feedback. How well your content performs or how poorly it performs can provide a roadmap for what direction to take next.

The following simple tips will help you use the information you discover about content performance in Google Analytics to your advantage: Continue reading

7 Tips for Generating More Traffic From Pinterest

pinterestStill think Pinterest isn’t the place for your small business? Maybe it’s time to think again.

In late 2016, Pinterest reported that their active user base grew by 50 percent in just over a year, from 100 to 150 million. And whereas Pinterest users used to be almost entirely female, men now make up 40 percent of their active users.

It’s a place where people go to hunt and gather, discover new ideas, plan, shop, and find inspiration. The platform encourages users to connect through shared interests, tastes, hobbies, passions, and values as they’re drawn to images that catch their attention.

Ben Silbermann, CEO & Co-Founder, describes Pinterest as, “more of a personal tool than a social one. People don’t come to see what their friends are doing… Instead, they come to Pinterest to find ideas to try, figure out which ones they love, and learn a little bit about themselves in the process.”

If you follow some simple best practices, Pinterest can be a goldmine for generating website traffic. Continue reading

6 Tips to Boost Online Marketing With Offline Marketing

online marketingOnline marketing is more easily measured and often less expensive than offline marketing. However, what many seasoned business owners already know is that good old-fashioned offline marketing strategies are some of the most effective ways to build a solid foundation for growing your business.

What they may be overlooking is that offline marketing can be even more effective when combined with online efforts, and online marketing can be boosted with better offline marketing. If you’re relying on one without the other, you’re selling yourself short.

So, let’s take a look at 6 ways to boost your online marketing with better offline marketing. Continue reading